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How To Write Kick-Butt Headlines for Your Web Content

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 Do you want that headline that kicks major tail for your Web content? But, do you find creating them is like your brain turning against you…reminiscent of when Magneto turned against Professor X? Well, it is time to call in the X-Men and craft some kick-butt headlines for your next blog.

Let’s take a look at some inspiring creative juices that can defeat your brain and writer’s block with some awesome, jaw-dropping headlines.

1. Use Popular Wording. One of the best ways to get your Web content clicked on and read is to have an awesome headline with a few popular wording choices. The most popular currently are numbered or “how to” posts such as “10 Tips for Washing Your Unruly Dog” or “How to Wash a Cat.” Dog and cat owners alike will definitely click on those because the wording of “10 tips” and “how to” tell them they are going to get some much needed information. Once they get to your site, they may even click through to other locations to see what services and products you provide or read through your other blogs. Writing a headline with popular wording choices is really going to boost your views quickly and will get you shared around the Web, allowing a wider audience to read your blog.

2. Follow Popular Terms, But Be Unique. We know, we know, this sounds extra confusing, but it actually goes along quite well with point number one. If people are looking for tips to wash their dogs, they aren’t going just to look for “10 Tips to Wash Your Dog” and they will most likely glance over that headline because it is used so much. They are more likely to click on “10 Tips For Washing Your Unruly Dog.” If they see your tweet or post about it, they will definitely be more likely to click if you give a bit more information along with the headline like, “Is Your Dog A Scaredy Cat Like Scooby-Doo? Here Are 10 Tips For Washing Your Unruly Dog!” It is funny, definitely stands out, and people will remember it. You’ll probably remember that example, which shows just how important a catchy headline and social media update really is.

3. Make Sure Your Content Matches Your Headlines. While wearing mismatching socks and clothing colors that clash can be fun, it isn’t that great of an idea to have a blog post that doesn’t match your headline. If you are writing about “How to Wash a Cat” make sure it really is a guide on how to wash a cat. People don’t want to see you advertising your flea shampoo and explaining why it is the best, they want to know how to wash their cat without having a million scratches and possibly losing an eyeball. If you are constantly talking about your product or if you don’t even mention any useful information about washing a cat, people will quickly click off your site and forget all about it. Give information that is not only useful, but also matches what your headline says the post is about. You’ll get much more success that way.

4. The People Of The Internet Speak Loudly – Listen. The one thing we all know to be true is that people on the Internet love to give their opinions and when they do, it is quite loud. It is imperative that you listen to what they are saying. While they may not be saying anything about your site exactly, you can still take what they are saying and apply it to your content strategy. If you find that people are saying they really don’t like the Upworthy style of headline, then stay away from that style. It is also important to listen to the audience you are trying to reach. Many in your audience may not like posts that are “10 Tips” or “How To” articles. Just pay attention and change accordingly.

5. Mix Up Titles And See What Works. When it comes to posting your article on social media, mixing up the titles  is a great way to see what works. When you first write your headline for “How to Wash a Cat” use it in your tweets and updates, but when you submit the tweet and update again rewrite it to read differently. You can try something like, “Through Our (Un) Scientific Study, We’ve Found An Excellent Way to Wash your Cats” or “How to Wash Your Cat and Survive The Process.” Just mix it up and see which headline brings in more viewers. This will help you formulate new headlines in the future and is also a great way to share your blog several times throughout the week and month, without having the exact title in every post. Mix it up a bit and watch as the magic happens. 

6. Educate The Masses. Education is important and is widely popular at the moment. People want to know what exactly they are reading, as well as to learn something new just from your headline. If someone is questioning if they can wash a cat, your headline should tell them that it is, in fact, possible. The simple “How to” says that as does any fun or witty title you can think up. If you know of any unique way to wash a cat without the possibility of death by scratching, then make sure it is in your headline. 

Time to Go Enjoy Some Tea and Headlines!

Now that you’ve read some tips on how to craft kick-butt titles, it is time for you to grab your favorite mug, brew some tea or get a coffee and start brainstorming. If you find you are having a difficult time coming up with a witty headline, then simply write out your post and come up with the headline once the writing is completed. Never fear, it is quite possible to beat Magneto and come out on top with awesome headlines everyone will enjoy.

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    Nice tips and Yes, headline is very important factor in success of any blog. These tips really gonna help many blogger. I really like the idea of mix up title for social media.