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August 14, 2014

Bing Search Engine Gets Conversational

Bing just got a whole lot smarter thanks to Microsoft’s latest update of the search engine.

The change, inspired by Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant, means Bing can maintain the context of a conversation and answer follow-up questions.

For instance, you could ask Bing: “Who is the CEO of Apple?” Bing responds: “Tim Cook.”

You could then ask: “How old is he?” Bing answers: “53.”

Next you could ask: “How tall is he?” Bing answers: “6’3.”

The new system works by combining conversational understanding with Microsoft’s knowledge repository on billions of people, places and things.

“Now, not only will we give you the answer directly in the search results, but we will also continue the conversation,” says Bing Relevance Team principal lead Yan Ke.

“These improvements build on extensive work we have done to build out the Bing platform including investments in entity and conversational understanding.  This is a long journey, and we expect to deliver a number of additional improvements in the days ahead.”


































Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.