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August 14, 2014

Millenials Turn to Facebook for Info Before Shopping at Local Businesses

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Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 5.54.34 PMFacebook is the social network of choice for millennials who wish to learn more about local small businesses, a new study by G/O Digital has revealed.

Of those surveyed for the study, 62 percent said Facebook was the best social site for researching local businesses before visiting in person. Pinterest and Twitter trailed for behind at 12 percent and 11 percent respectively.

Eighty percent of the 18- to 29-year-olds surveyed said they turn to Facebook to do research before shopping at least once each week while 30 percent said they check a business’ Facebook page several times a day before actually going to the establishment.

The study also found:

  • GO-Facebook-Advertising-Report-Charts-01Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed visit the Facebook page of a local/small business at least once a week while 59 percent interact with Facebook advertising from a local/small business at least once a week before going to a store to make a purchase.
  • Customer reviews and ratings was labelled the most important factor when interacting with a local/small business on Facebook, 41 percent of respondents said.
  • Eighty percent said they are more likely to make an in-store purchase from a small business if there are positive customer reviews/ratings on the company’s website or Facebook page.
  • Restaurants (38 percent) recorded the highest engagement levels among respondents, followed by beauty/spa and education/training which both came in at 14 percent.
  • Thirty-eight percent said the most influential Facebook ads is an offer while promoted posts and product videos/photos were cited by 12 percent of respondents.

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