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August 15, 2014

Four Social Media Tricks You Should Be Using for Your Business

Businesses today rely on social media as a way to connect with their customers. There are many different channels available to make sure that you are reaching out to your target audience.

There are many tricks that you can use on your networks to make the most of your content. If you want to be able to engage your audience, take the time to incorporate some of these things into your social media posts.

Put the spotlight on positive feedback

A lot of comments left on Facebook business pages show your brand in a positive light. You wouldn’t want those good vibes to get covered up by so many other posts. That good feedback can do a lot to bring in new customers.

There is a way that you can make sure that those comments stay out in the open:

  • Select Posts by Others under your page’s Activity Log;
  • Click on the pencil icon beside the post you want to share;
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Allowed on Page.

This will keep those positive posts about your business on your page, where other users will be able to see them.

Design your Twitter to match your brand

Most of the social networking sites do not allow much customization when it comes to your brand page. Twitter, however, offers brands a lot of choices when it comes to creating a look that best suits your business.

Building a solid brand identity will make you more recognizable across the Web, from one platform to the next.

On Twitter, you can change your page wallpaper to reflect your business. You can also match your hashtag, hyperlink and tweet text to your brand colors.

To start customizing your own page:

  • Click on the gear icon and select Settings then Design;
  • Customize your own theme or choose one of the pre-made themes.
  • Upload your own branded wallpaper or choose colors that match your business.

Find new customers with Pinterest

As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity, you notice that it has started showing up in search engine results. Take advantage of this by turning off the search privacy for your business account.

Users will be able to see your profile and boards when they conduct a relevant search on Google or Bing. You can turn off the search privacy in your Pinterest Account Settings.

Also, make sure that you are including relevant keywords in the descriptions and board titles.

Mix up your Google+ post format

With Google+, you get to make your posts look a little more interesting thanks to the formatting options available. You get to highlight different words by making them bold or italicized or both.

You can even use the strikethrough feature in your posts and comments.

To add these features to your posts:

  • Bold: Place an asterisk ( * ) before and after the words you want to enhance.
  • Italic: An underscore ( _ ) at the start and finish or the text
  • Both: Asterisk and then an underscore (*_ ) at the beginning and end
  • Strikethrough: Place a hyphen ( – ) before and after the text

There are so many ways that you can get the most out of your social media content. The more you are able to draw in and engage your followers, the wider your brand will reach.

What have you done to see better results through social media?


Dawn Pigoni of Be Social Worldwide is a certified social marketing specialist and a social media virtual assistant. Dawn offers superb social networking, social marketing and social bookmarking to WAHMs, Small Business Owners, Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and Coaches who desire to bring stunning internet presence through social networking to their businesses. Get Dawn's free report, Social Networking today & see how she can assist you with being Social Worldwide!