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August 19, 2014

The Smartphone Race: Why Samsung is Gaining Traction and Catching Up to Apple

Photo Credit: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S by Kārlis Dambrāns Licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

While Apple has long been the leader in Smartphone sales in the United States, Samsung is rapidly gaining traction and catching up to them. Samsung has been dominating the overseas markets and it has almost completely closed the market share gap in the United States. Samsung has developed an extremely dedicated following and it is gaining new users each day. While there are a wide variety of reasons why Samsung is gaining on Apple, these are the five biggest.

Screen Size

Most people use their Smartphones to watch movies, television shows and play games, which has made the screen more important than ever before. While the resolution quality between the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are nearly identical, the Galaxy’s screen is much larger. The screen on the latest version of the Galaxy is 5.1 inches. The iPhone only features a four-inch screen. This 1.1-inch larger screen makes it much easier to enjoy the entertainment options on your Smartphone when you do not have to sacrifice resolution.


While the iPhone used to feature the best camera on any Smartphone, it has quickly been passed up by Samsung. Apple’s latest Smartphone features an eight-megapixel camera while Samsung’s has 16 megapixels, allowing users to take clearer pictures with more detail. The Smartphone is quickly becoming the only camera most people carry, so photo quality is a major purchasing factor.

Ease of Use

If someone is new to Smartphones, they are going to have a much easier time learning to use Samsung’s handset. This means that everyone entering the Smartphone market for the first time is going to be more likely to choose Samsung over Apple. Although Apple is “user-friendly,” it is a tough system to get used to — it is user friendly for consumers who have used other Apple products in the past. For the older generation, or any other customers who haven’t used Smartphones before, the Samsung system is much easier to pick up.

Future Apps

The Android and Apple app markets are basically equal right now, but that is most likely going to change in the near future. While Apple may sell the most Smartphones in the United States, far more people in the country are using the Android operating system. Just over half of Smartphone users in the United States are using Android phones, and this number jumps exponentially overseas. Since there are far more people using Android, app developers are going to be more likely to create an app for Android.

Customization Options

Since Apple allows almost zero customization options on the iPhone, it is not that hard for Samsung to top it in this category. Users can only change the lock screen, default browser, e-mail client and keyboard on any Android phone. While some consumers like the structure and familiarity that the iPhone provides, many are drawn to the concept of total customization and personalization of their Android Smartphone.

The Smartphone industry is changing almost daily with the rapid advancement of technology, which makes it tough to tell exactly what the market will be like in the future. For now, Samsung is making strides to catch up to its main competitor in the U.S., but Apple is Apple, and it continues to innovate, adapt and up its game as well.


This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write about business, finance, women's interests, and technology. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three daughters. Dixie got advice for this article from the professionals of Map A Data Center, who provide a data center directory for those looking for data management.