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August 27, 2014

How to Manage an eCommerce Site and Keep Your Day Job

Managing an eCommerce site is a lot of work, especially to start up. So how can you do this effectively while keeping your day job?

Setting up an eCommerce site is tough, but luckily there are themes and services available to make it easier, like inventory management software and simple eCommerce WordPress Themes. Whether you are building a new brand, or just looking to make some money on the side, you must make the consumer feel safe and secure on your site. Grabbing their attention is equally as important.

There are thousands of small eCommerce clothing companies that are making a decent profit everyday. Most of these companies are not well known by any definition. However, they usually have an optimized eCommerce website that makes transactions easy. These websites are often user friendly and easy to navigate. Let’s take a look at the steps they took (and are still taking) to manage their eCommerce site.

1) Pick an optimized and responsive theme that is made for eCommerce.

These will usually cost you some money but make it much easier to display products and services, while keeping track of inventory if you are not selling a digital product. A responsive theme is important to have so that it works properly on all devices – computer, mobile and tablet. This will also help the pages load quicker on each device.

2) Purchase an SSL certificate and take all necessary steps to ensure your site’s transactions are safe

No one wants to give his or her information to a site that isn’t secure. People surfing the Web are skeptical as it is. Make them feel safe and showcase your accreditations and certificates. An SSL certificate will also ensure the consumer’s data and information is safe. Many services will make the option available to check your businesses accreditations on their site to verify. This is an even better feature for the skeptical consumer. Include reviews of past sales as well.

3) Put up your products and make sure the prices are competitive

It is important to really sell your products and make the consumer believe that they are getting the best. Especially with online shopping, if prices are not competitive or the lowest available, they will quickly move on. A good tip for high prices is to sell why your product is priced so high. Talk about the quality and how great it is to make them want to pay more for the good rather than going somewhere else for less.

4) Make sure all payment methods are available and checkout is quick and easy

No one wants the checkout process to be a hassle. The longer and more complex the checkout is, the less interest the person will have in making a purchase. This is especially important with impulse buys. You want the person to be able to securely enter their information and payment in under two minutes. Make services such as PayPal available as well. PayPal is great for eCommerce because it is the safest way to pay online. People will feel more confident if they can pay with PayPal, if that is their preferred method. Not to mention it is quicker than with a credit card and they don’t take out as high of a percentage per transaction.

Managing an eCommerce site could be an easy and fun side job, but you have to do it right. If you take these steps and do it right the first time, it will be a lot less work and much easier to manage. The start up is the hardest part, but once you get going you will realize that it is worth it.


David Glenn is a technology fanatic and business enthusiast who loves to keep up with the advancements in each. When he writes, he draws from his experience of more than 30 years as a business owner and entrepreneur.