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August 29, 2014

Microsoft Weeds Phony Apps From Windows Store

Microsoft is finally cracking down on phony apps in its Windows Store.

The software giant has given the boot to more than 1,500 “crap apps” and more are likely to follow as the company continues its review of applications in its store.

“Earlier this year we heard loud and clear that people were finding it more difficult to find the apps they were searching for; often having to sort through lists of apps with confusing or misleading titles,” Microsoft said in a blog post. “We took the feedback seriously and modified the Windows Store app certification requirements as a first step toward better ensuring that apps are named and described in a way that doesn’t misrepresent their purpose.”

App creators must now ensure the app’s name clearly and accurately reflect its purpose. Also, apps must be categorized according to the app function and purpose and icons must be differentiated so there are no look alikes. The new policy is being applied to all new app submissions and existing app updates for both the Windows and Windows Phone Store.

“The Store review is ongoing and we recognize that we have more work to do, but we’re on it,” Microsoft said. “We’re applying additional resources to speed up the review process and identify more problem apps faster. No approach is perfect, so we encourage people to report any issues they may encounter with Windows Store.”

Customers can use the “report concern to Microsoft” link in the Store to report any issues they come across. Infringement concerns can be reported via the Web or by e-mail:



Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.