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Google No Longer Enforcing Google+ Sign-Up

Google is no longer forcing users to sign up for its social network Google+ to use its other services like YouTube.

The technology titan, without fanfare, has done away with the necessity for new Google account creators to also set up a Google+ profile — a rule the firm has had since January 2012, according to a new report from Marketing Land.

New users are still offered the option to sign up for a Google+ account when enrolling in another Google service, but can now click a ‘No thanks’ button.

“Eliminating the forcible aspect of the process is a smart move for Google. It should help the company further distance itself from missteps such as the extremely unpopular integration of YouTube comments and Google+,” Marketing Land says.

Google does still require users wishing to share feedback on YouTube, write reviews or contribute other comments to sign up for a Google+ account, however.

Marketing Land said although it may be speculated the change is proof that Google is looking to get rid of its three-year-old social network, that is unlikely.

“That was popular speculation in April after Vic Gundotra, Google’s godfather of Google+, stepped down in April,” the article said. “More heads were nodding when Google removed the display of Google+ authorship information from search results last month. But more likely, in my opinion, is that Google will continue making subtle changes to the service, making improvements to popular Google+ products like Hangouts and Hangouts on Air or even spinning off its excellent photo product so people without Google+ accounts can use it.”

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