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September 24, 2014

Webinar Service Automatically Translates Into 52 Languages

Expanding internationally can result in communications challenges the average small business is not prepared to meet. Few have translators on staff or the resources to learn additional languages.

Have you ever wondered how the United Nations speakers are automatically translated so that all attendees can understand what is going on? I have, and here’s the answer.

“The United Nations uses simultaneous interpretation, which means translating on the fly without breaks (as opposed to consecutive interpretation, in which the speaker and translator alternate). At any given moment, the U.N. Interpretation Service has a dozen interpreters working six booths—one for every official language.”

The U.N. actually has live translators to translate into one of six official languages and then those languages are re-translated into any dialect by individual interpreters provided by any speaker or listener who does not speak one of those six languages.

If your business has clients who don’t speak the same language or would like to expand internationally, hiring translators provides the highest quality — IF you can afford it. There is an alternative that carries no additional cost: using a webinar service.

ClickWebinar, for instance, can be configured to automatically translate between 52 languages using Google Translate. Both the original and the translation can be viewed simultaneously by the participants. Webinars are easily recorded for later use in content marketing efforts.

With 2014 being declared the year of the video and the MarketingSherpa SEO Marketing Benchmark 2013 Survey indicating that webinars are the most effective content method bar none, investing in the optimum webinar solution is essential.  Sales meetings with clients, training for new employees, and collaborating in virtual teams are all made more efficient.

Although it can take some getting used to and you may not wish to totally eliminate travel for face-to-face meetings, regularly meeting via Webinar can keep your team on the same page and greatly reduce costs — especially if they are located halfway around the world.

Webinar Versus Meeting

Many webinar solutions offer a meeting option and a webinar option. The primary difference is that meetings typically allow a smaller audience and default to two-way interaction. Webinars usually allow presenters to reach a much larger audience, which is muted by default.

Be sure to determine if the solution you are considering works on all device types, operating systems and browsers. Also verify that you can attend and manage meetings from mobile devices. Some solutions do not support mobile devices at all while others allow attendance, but not management of meetings or webinars from these devices.

Webinars for Lead Generation

One-off webinars for lead generation are not optimum. Adobe generated a 500 percent lift in conversions by changing their webinar strategy. This MarketingSherpa webinar provides the specifics on what Adobe did to increase their effectiveness. This case study provides a complete strategy from invitation email through follow-up.

Editing Your Live Webinar

One disadvantage to recording live events is the occasional technical issue or delay when sharing large files. The ability to edit your recordings before using them for other purposes is very useful.

Some webinar solutions also allow you to customize your meeting or webinar room, branding it with your company’s logo and coloring and setting defaults. ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar have these capabilities, but many others may not. Editing any live webinar can greatly improve the quality and allow for repurposing for content marketing.

Expanding Internationally

While machine translation is not as accurate or graceful as using a human translator, it is usually sufficient to ensure communication. It has the great advantage of being available at no additional charge through Google Translate. Implix (the parent company of GetResponse, ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar) having it integrated into ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar makes multi-lingual meetings and webinars simple.


Gail Gardner provides small business marketing strategy at Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.