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People Now Purposely Bending iPhone 6 Pluses in Store

Apparently some individuals are taking bend-gate a little too much to heart.

There have been a number of people destroying new iPhones in Apple stores, of late. According to various media reports, several people have walked into an Apple store and purposely bent the demonstration models of the iPhone 6 Plus — some to conduct an experiment: does it really bend? — while a few simply wanted to stick-it to the company that makes them.

One first-person account was published on the blog Cramer’s Shirt. The post detailed a man going to an Apple Store at the mall where he proceeded to put a slight bend in an iPhone 6 Plus by placing pressure on the device on its weak spot — as shown in some videos on YouTube.

After managing to bend it and showing off his handiwork to other shoppers, the man decides it would be best to leave the store.

“Did I feel bad about bending it a bit?” he wrote. “Not really — others were trying, and I walked past a person attempting the same thing on the way to the exit.”

He also noted his thumb was sore for 20 minutes after his experiment.

Another bending exploit was captured on video. A couple of British teens recorded themselves inside an Apple Store bending an iPhone 6 Plus so badly, the screen was raised.

In the video, one of the boys describes the incident as “really funny.”

“That’s like criminal damage I guess,” the boys says. “But I don’t really care to be honest because it’s Apple’s fault, they kind of false advertised in a sense that it’s the best iPhone, but clearly it’s not.”

Both accounts, which were also published by Business Insider, are enough to make any reasonable person shake his or her head. Why would anyone think it was no big deal to damage something that did not belong to them? Would any of the people taking part in these “experiments” be OK with someone picking up their Smartphone and trying to bend it? It’s doubtful.

The drama began about a week ago when some iPhone 6 Plus users posted online that the bodies of their devices bent after being carried in their pants pockets.

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