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An Education Blog May be the Best Choice For Beginners

Gone are the days when you could choose any topic for writing or start a blog in any niche and yet experience instant success. Today, only the most informative, attractive, unique, trendy, well-designed and search-friendly blogs survive. Blogs that cover in-demand topics have the best chance of succeeding. As a result, it is crucial to focus on your blog niche if you want to start a blog and be successful.

Education blogs have always done well in the world of blogging. This is owing to many reasons as stated below:

a) Education itself is an important field, one nobody can ignore or not have interest in.
b) There are lots of things happening in the world of education. So, there are numerous things to be covered and conveyed, as a blogger.
c) As technology is rapidly growing day-by-day, several new and innovative tools are being incorporated into classroom education. This is obviously a positive note for education bloggers; it gives them more room and more News to write on.
d) The education industry is equally important for young people as well as the old. No matter whether you want to take up a field of study or want to educate your child, having the right information and resource is crucial. So if you provide the most useful resource or service, your audience / traffic is guaranteed.

If you are convinced that you must choose education as your niche for blogging, then here are some helpful ideas and tips for you. The following information contains five different models and examples to help you with ideas. But remember, there are several other models as well.

1) University and College Review Blogs

Blogs with the above niche are more likely to become a hit. Who would not like to check reviews of a college/university before attending? And what better place to do it than the Internet?

FindTheBest is a typical example of a blog that reviews universities and colleges, based on its user ratings. There are several other details you can check on this site.

These sites are more likely to attract traffic. They are more like service sites and your visitors will frequently use them to check details of different colleges. Just make sure that you design them well and they are visually appealing as well as user friendly (also means navigation friendly).

2) Education Blogs with Content + Ads model

This model is the most popular among education blogs. The blog is all about publishing useful, relevant and in-demand content that is full of information and useful tips to help the blog rank high in SERPs. It generates revenues through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. Your knowledge about the specific niche and SEO skills are handy. is a good example in this model. The site has numerous articles about a range of technologies that can be incorporated into education.

3) University/College Search Blogs based on Specific Needs

These types of blogs help users search for colleges or universities in certain areas with specific needs or conditions. is a good example of a startup blog that helps users search for colleges offering laptops. The blog also lets users make a state-wide search or a more refined search.

You can think of many different needs that young students may have when searching for a college. The above example is a college-search site with a unique requirement (laptop offering colleges). Such blogs are more likely to be visited by many people.

school books

4) Blogs that Market Educational Products

The power of a blog is its ability to connect to an audience seamlessly. It can be a boon to your marketing endeavors. So, you can start a blog and start marketing your educational products like eBooks, study materials, laptops and many other things. To start a successful blog in this model, you need to be good at two things – content marketing and product knowledge.

Promethean is a classic example of a blog that reviews educational and school products. The website has a variety of products including interactive tables, mobile learning solutions, classroom software and many others.

5) Results Checking / Exam News Blogs

Blogs in this niche display and notify the results of various examinations. They also feature exam timetables and any news/information associated with it. Such blogs usually fetch good search volumes. You can generate revenue via affiliate marketing and ad revenues.

The Sarkari Exam website is a house of information on the dates and timetables of different job examinations and higher education examinations. This type of site is visited by a large portion of the student population and will do well traffic-wise.

There is no end to creativity. You can start educational blogs in a number of other creative models or topics that offer unique services. It depends on your interest and level of knowledge. Remember, innovative people make it big.

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