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October 9, 2014

Foxconn CEO Says iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate Overblown By Rivals

Bendgate, the moniker bestowed on the so-called controversy of some iPhone 6 Plus devices bending if left to long in one’s pocket, is nothing more than the competition trying to stir up controversy, says Foxconn’s CEO.

“How can a phone bend? This was all caused by distortions from competitors,” Terry Gou told the media as shown in a YouTube video. “Don’t blindly listen to it.”

It is not unexpected that Foxconn, which is Apple’s largest supplier, would take the Bendgate controversy to heart given that the company makes the devices.

Not long after the devices went on sale last month, there were some reports of devices bending after being carried in users’ pants pockets. Photos have been popping up online showing bent bodies of the iPhone 6 Plus, which is 7.1-mm thick.

Apple has said the problem is a rare occurrence and will not be a problem for the majority of users.

Despite Apple’s assurances, however, some people were seen destroying new iPhones in Apple stores. According to various media reports, several people have walked into an Apple store and purposely bent the demonstration models of the iPhone 6 Plus — some to conduct an experiment: does it really bend? — while a few simply wanted to stick-it to the company that makes them.

One first-person account was published on the blog Cramer’s Shirt.

“Did I feel bad about bending it a bit?” he wrote. “Not really — others were trying, and I walked past a person attempting the same thing on the way to the exit.”

He also noted his thumb was sore for 20 minutes after his experiment.

Gou, who himself uses and iPhone 6 Plus, said that “hands are made to shake hands, not for bending” in reference to those trying to make the phones bend.

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