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New Platform Aimed to Assist SMBs

Small-to-medium-sized businesses have gained an ally in their bid to break in to the ever changing world of online business.

camilyo_thumbnailLaunched today, Camilyo is an all-in-one marketing platform created specifically to assist those businesses by growing their online impact. The platform, which is cloud-based, covers a wide gamut of online needs including marketing, eCommerce and engagement.

“There’s a tremendous opportunity for agencies to offer SMBs the digital tools they need to succeed in today’s fast-changing, multichannel landscape. But, delivering omni-channel marketing is complex and expensive, and many agencies simply don’t have the capacity to offer the full range of services required,” Camilyo CEO Gil Ilani said in a company press release.

“With Camilyo, for the first time, agencies can serve SMBs with effective, affordable solutions that add new revenue streams and grow business for both the agency and their clients.”

Camilyo, the company explains, goes above and beyond most template-based platforms by looking beyond presence alone and tackles the omni-channel marketing capabilities. Camilyo allows users to easily add eCommerce catalogs, run social campaigns, offer multi-channel promotions and coupons, capture leads, manage contacts and even offer online appointment scheduling, all in one simple tool, with no complex coding expertise required.

It’s a tool that’s needed with SMBs accounting for 99.7 percent of the 7.5 million firms in the United States. Those businesses generate more than $7.5 trillion annually.

Camilyo provides companies with a cross-platform website builder, integrated social marketing management, unified eCommerce solutions and a comprehensive management dashboard.

“Each of these tools alone would be a tremendous asset to any agency that wants to serve more clients, more efficiently,” said Ilani. “The fact that we’ve put them all together in one integrated portal to create a seamless omni-channel experience and upsell services for recurring revenue makes Camilyo an outstanding value to agencies and their clients.”

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  • Small and medium businesses can now also be done by using online marketing anyway.

    And Camilyo in this respect has been providing companies with cross-platform website builder, integrated social marketing management, integrated eCommerce solution and a comprehensive management dashboard.