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November 6, 2014

Google Maps App Gets Major Overhaul

Google Maps for Android or iOS is not only looking prettier today, it is packed with some cool new features thanks to the latest overhaul of the app.

The changes, which are rolling out over the next day or two, include brighter colors and a refreshed design.

Google Maps 2“This new look is all about creating surfaces and shadows that echo the real world; with Google Maps’ new material feel, layers and buttons come to life so you know just where to touch to get directions, recommendations and imagery,” Google Maps UX designer Evelyn Kim said in a blog post.

“There’s more to this app than good looks—we also make it easier for you to get on with your day. Need to make a last-minute dinner reservation? You can now reserve a table right from the Google Maps app for restaurants found on OpenTable (U.S. only).”

Tapping on a place’s info sheet at the bottom of the screen will bring an info layer to the top, revealing photos, reviews and other information. A more to Explore function has also been added to the bottom of the map as well.

Users will now also have access to estimates for Uber pick-up times and a price for the route they wish to take as well as walking and transit directions. The Uber option will appear only where the service is actually available for those who have the Uber app installed on their device.

“For Google Maps, giving you useful options and information is always in vogue,” Kim said. “So as you’re traveling this holiday season, don’t forget to open up your Maps app for all the navigation help we have to offer—now with a fun new look.”


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.