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November 11, 2014

Facebook’s Once-Hated Messenger App Now Has 500M Users

It might have gotten off to a slow start, but Facebook’s Messenger app is now used by more than 500 million people.

Facebook’s director of product management, Peter Martinazzi, called it “an exciting milestone.”

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

“Messenger was the first of our standalone apps, and unlike our core Facebook apps, it focused on one use case – messaging,” Martinazzi said in a blog post.

“With Messenger, you can reach people instantly. It is just as fast as SMS but gives you the ability to express yourself in ways that SMS can’t. You can send stickers or videos, take selfies, chat with groups and make free calls. We’ve also continued to improve speed and reliability. Updates to Messenger ship every two weeks so it continues to evolve and improve.”

When Facebook, this summer, forced its mobile users to download Messenger to send private messages, there was a lot of user backlash.

Obviously mobile Facebook users have resigned themselves to the necessity of using Messenger, however, given the social network’s newly released stats.

Messenger is a free stand-alone mobile app that enables users to text friends for free using their existing data plan and reach friends on their phones and the Web.

The app also allows users to start group conversations, share photos and include friends of friends in conversations. It also informs users who has received their message and who hasn’t.

Messenger enables users to access their messages and chats as seamless conversations, receive free push notifications on their phones and switch between multiple conversations with in-app notifications.



Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.