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Man Spends Two Years Salary to Buy 99 iPhone 6s for Marriage Proposal

A Chinese man is $82,000 poorer, but no happier after purchasing 99 iPhones to use in a public marriage proposal to his girlfriend.

The man, from Guangzhou in southern China, used the iPhone 6s to form the shape of a heart and then proposed to his lady in the middle of the heart while people surrounded the couple taking videos and pictures.

Maybe she’s an Android rather than an Apple fan, because she said no.

So, not only does the young programmer have a broken heart, but, as reported by The Nanfang, he is now out two years’ worth of his salary and must spend Single’s Day all alone. In China, Nov. 11 is known as Single’s Day — a day when singles court that special someone.

So far, there have been no reports on what he will do with the 99 handsets, although Entertainment Online had some good ideas: “There’s no word on what this young man will do with his surplus of smartphones — Will he return them all? Will he try to sell them and make a profit? Will he turn them all on and surround himself with the company of 99 Siris?

“Maybe he’ll watch Her and get some ideas.”

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  • What a foolish way to mortgage one’s future for present happiness. To mortgage two years salary, what will he use to take care of the lady after marriage. Or which money will he use to perform the actual marriage?
    Of a truth, the young man is not wise as he has no plan of future.