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How to Create Awesome Content for the Holiday Season

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It’s time to make your list and check it twice — but not for presents.

If you want your company to have a good holiday season, you need to be on top of your content game. That means offering compelling information, presented in a creative way so as to cut through the clutter of Christmastime and convince people to spend some of their hard-earned dollars at your store.

Just as brick and mortar stores decorate for the holidays, you should be decking your website, your social media accounts and anything else related to the brand.

Here are some creative and fun ways to create incredible content for the holiday season.

Make Holiday Displays on Social Media

People are always looking for ideas for gifts, decorating or cooking at this time of year. Use social networks to feed them inspiration that is related somehow to your products:

  • On Pinterest, start a board dedicated to holiday recipes tied to what you sell. For example, if you sell discounted furniture, make it a board of low-cost recipes.
  • On Instagram, take photos of the best holiday displays you have seen around your workplace.
  • On YouTube, post videos of your staff saying what is on their Christmas wish list, filming them in your office or warehouse.

Start a Content Calendar

If you do not already use an editorial calendar for your blog posts, you should be doing so. But it’s especially important at holiday time. You need to keep track of what ideas you have already used, how you have promoted your posts, and what content should be going up when.

An editorial calendar will help ensure that you have a Black Friday post going up on the proper day and a Cyber Monday post quickly following. It will remind you about the start of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, so that you can address them properly on your blog. And it will ensure that you don’t keep repeating the same posts over and over again, which can be a problem during the holiday season.

Tie in With Smart Keywords

Smart planning ahead of time can ensure that you get in on the right keywords at the right time. Remember when kids went crazy for the movie “Frozen” during the 2013 holidays? Would have been nice to tie some content to Elsa and Anna back then, right?

Look at pop culture events as well as holidays to help advise you on what people will be talking about during the holidays. Jump on words and ideas tied to those events to give your blog posts a fun and different edge.

Publish a Holiday Gift Guide

There will always be a desire for holiday gift guides, no matter what holiday people celebrate. Offer one of your own that incorporates your products, within reason; if you rent heavy construction equipment, for example, you should not be suggesting a skid loader as a desirable holiday purchase for mom. But pushing your products is not necessarily the point of most holiday content.

You want to provide a good resource, something that can really help people out during a time when they are stressed and short on patience. That creates goodwill for your company, something people will remember down the line. So while you may not directly benefit from recommending the gifts in your guide, you will earn their trust and it will pay off down in the future.

Record a Holiday Podcast

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. Do a podcast where you invite people in your company to come on and discuss what their New Year’s resolution is and how they plan to follow through with it. As a bonus, you can follow up the podcast with updates on how people are doing a month, two months or six months after the new year begins, giving you bonus content.

Make a Video E-Card

The holidays offer a great chance to showcase your company’s unique personality. One fun way to do this is creating a holiday e-card that you can send to all your clients and post on your website. Want to go a step further? Create a video e-card, which you can post on YouTube and on all your social media sites. A few ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

  • Record each person in your office reading a few lines of “Twas the Night Before Christmas;” patch it all together into one video.
  • Have everyone lip sync to a classic Christmas tune.
  • Take a cue from “The Today Show,” which did a cute holiday viral dance video a few years ago.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile

Of course, this should go without saying, and it’s not so much about providing content but providing a good experience for your users: You should have your website optimized for mobile, especially if you offer eCommerce. In 2013 mobile shopping on Black Friday soared by 43 percent over 2012, and mobile has become a key part of any sales strategy online.

Get Creative and Have Fun

These ideas are just a start. The very best holiday content ideas will be adopted for your site and your customers, according to the image you want to present and the products you want to push. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Sometimes the very best ideas are the ones you come up with yourself. You can use these ideas as inspiration to help you find what fits best with your needs.

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