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Robots Patrol Microsoft Property

Security at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus has gone to the future.

Microsoft-logoLast week, five robots were released on the campus to provide security. The 300-pound machines, though, are not equipped with any ray guns or lasers like their science-fiction film counterparts.

The machines are constructed by Knightscope, another Silicon Valley-based company that, just last year, unveiled the K5 Autonomous Data Machines. Built more as means for predicting and preventing crime, the machines are equipped with alarms, sirens and cameras to assist in monitoring Microsoft’s property.

“Inside that rather large casing (it’s 5 foot tall!) there are four high-def cameras facing in each direction, another camera that can do car license plate recognition, four microphones, gentle alarms, blaring sirens, weather sensors, and WiFi connectivity so that each robot can contact HQ if there’s some kind of security breach/situation,” reported ExtremeTech.

Microsoft is not the first company to delve into the world of robotic security.

Boston Dynamics, owned by Google, has been working with DARPA to develop different robot aids to help soldiers on the battlefield, PC World reports. As well, South Korea used a robot – this one armed, unlike Microsoft’s security machines – four years ago to patrol the demilitarized zone.

Microsoft has not made any official statement over the use of the machines and it’s unclear whether this is a move toward replacing human security guards or simply a pilot project. Regardless, the machines have been on campus and are gaining attention.

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