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Google in Danger of Losing Search Gig in Apple’s Safari?

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Google recently lost its gig as the main search engine in Mozilla’s Firefox and now is at risk of getting the boot from Apple too.

According to news reports, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing are actively lobbying Apple to become the default search engine in Apple’s Safari browser when Google’s contract expires next year.

While losing Firefox was a blow for Google, Mozilla’s browser is mainly used by those on desktop. Losing the deal with Apple would be a much bigger setback.

Safari commands the largest share of the mobile market — 45 percent  — courtesy of iPhone and iPad users. Even some Android users favor Safari over Google’s Chrome.

It is being speculated that Apple may just yank its search engine deal with Google, which is its biggest competitor in the Smartphone market.

Currently, Safari on iOS enables users to choose their own default search engine — Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo instead of Google — but it is difficult to find the setting to make the switch, so most users just use the current default: Google.

If Apple chooses Yahoo or Bing, the firm selected will enjoy a nice boost in its mobile search use. It is a sure bet both companies will be pulling out all the stops to land the lucrative role with Apple.

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