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Social Media Tools to Boost Your Business in 2015

As more and more businesses crack the code of social media, discovering bona fide ways to leverage social channels into impressive increases in revenue, these platforms have become more and more of a marketing priority. Businesses can’t afford to not be in the social-sphere anymore; it’s just not a luxury to push archaic marketing methods and not meet your audience where they are.

Thankfully, intelligent app and tool producers continue to make tools that turn a cluttered, confusing, and time-confusing social space into an efficient marketing machine. If you’re looking for some epically powerful social tools to kick your new year’s marketing efforts into high gear, look no further than this list. These tools will help streamline and intensify your efforts without adding to the stress of building and managing campaigns. Technology is in fact supposed to simplify our lives, and these tools take the social media world and make it a much more friendly and profitable place.

Embrace Global Storytelling with FotoYapp

Social is very much an international sensation, but speaking everyone’s language is not a marketer’s forte. Nor is it wise to rely on dicey translation tools like Google Translator.

FotoYapp aims to help folks take their social shares to a global scale. This tool allows users to share social comments and videos up to 18 seconds all across the world, and in 67 native languages. These creations can then be broadcast across all major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, and Google+. This is a chance to take your smartest campaigns and make them accessible to nearly every social fan on the planet, and you can communicate both through their native languages and images + video. The customized content control features will make your social life easier too. FotoYapp is extremely powerful for those ready to go worldwide with their social messages.

A Social Retailer’s Dream

If you run an eCommerce site, no doubt you have your eyes set squarely on the mobile space. Mobile shopping has positively exploded in recent years, along with the social space that serves this broad and diverse audience.

Retailcommon is an ideal tool to help eCommerce marketers tackle the mobile social space with major finesse. According to CEO James Cunningham, “Retailcommon has been delivering results in Canada for three years, where we introduced this new concept to change the way retailers and consumers think about social shopping.”

This web-based platform lets marketers instantly create and distribute promotional and advertising content to generate more traffic, increase sales, and build wow-worthy customer engagement. The cloud-based system also lets retailers manage offers and campaigns, as well as track real-time results. It’s a powerful ally for socially-minded eCommerce pros.

The New Face of Social Video

Newly launched noteworthy video platform Ocho is a brand new playground for marketers to enjoy, and it has scads of potential to go big. Ocho is special because of their proposed adherence to quality and class. It’s a video platform that features 8 second shorts which, in Ocho’s words, will help create a more authentic “window to the world.” Ocho is also doing a wonderful job of creating a legitimate community within the app (which is free to download) – and users can reply via video instead of text and create a space that feels much more alive.

What’s in it for marketers? If this space takes off (their official launch efforts are just getting started), Ocho has the potential to be a richly targeted, highly engaged audience for any of your short, impactful video content. If your marketing efforts involve great short video clips in any fashion, this will be an ideal new space to garner engagement.

Turn Twitter Into a Marketing Machine

Although immensely popular, it’s taken some time for companies to figure out how to leverage the unique world of tweets via Twitter. The latest generation of Twitter tools, however, are truly helping businesses use the platform for significant ROIs.

One of today’s most powerful Twitter tools is SocialBro. This handy app first maps your audience’s engagement on a highly intuitive graph. These metrics then help you determine the appropriate audiences to target, based on who is most interested in your content. SocialBro provides excellent features to help you manage your presence on Twitter, as well as a host of powerful stats that truly display what’s working in your campaigns, and what needs enhancement. There are pricing plans with SocialBro, but a free 15 day trial is offered so you can test the waters.

Insightful Facebook Metrics

For those that use Facebook as a key marketing platform, check out the effective LikeAlyzer. This invaluable tool does wonders to help marketers understand and analyse the myriad of Facebook likes a business page receives. Generated reports provide insight into areas of improvement, and a page rank feature lets you view how you measure up against similar players in your space. LikeAlyzer is especially powerful for companies new to social media.

If you haven’t yet mastered the world of social media for your marketing, let 2015 be your banner year. You’re only as effective as the tools you use; make sure you choose wisely based on your social goal’s and inefficiencies. Good luck making 2015 a banner year!

What other social media tools are indispensable for you right now?

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  • i have been using FotoYapp for several months and yep, it’s the best for social media boosting 🙂 Thanks for making me aware of the other tools too .

  • Every body knows social media is the best tool to boost the business. Main social media like Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. Boost of business because of the huge no of people engagement on the social media.

  • Thanks Tina, for this list of more intensive work items 😉 We are slowly getting drowned in tools that make life “better” for everyone but since “everyone” uses them, and the tide raises all ships, to some of us it begins to look like treading water. But we need not despair, thanks to human nature this is a game of attrition. Some survive, others drown.

  • SocialBro is awesome. I’m going to have to check out LikeAlyzer. We’ve been having great results lately playing with various Facebook ads. Thanks for the tips!

  • There is a great social media website called,
    It had every tool imaginable for advertising, banners, get your message out, it as a link to 290 other social media websites so at the click of a button your on another website doing what ever you need to do. It is amazing the things you can do there for your business

  • I love the idea of testing the waters at SocialBro for 15 days for free. Thanks for that tip! Pinterest is really effective. One thing I’ve learned about social media is that there is definitely a core demographic that uses Pinterest but won’t touch FB or Twitter with a 10-foot-pole, like, you know, my mom’s group and her friends =)

  • Google+ is just fantastic but Adwords called me recently & when I refused google ads, the next day to my surprise my website vanished from Google for the search keyword “Travel Agent”. This is simple blackmail.

  • Great Idea of turning Twitter into a Marketing machine. I highly recommend this, Our website has seen a great in follow of traffic from our twitter handles.
    Thankyou for Sharing.

  • Hey..

    Nice Post Tina.

    Social media is a quick way to increase your site’s traffic.
    Thank you so much for sharing all these ideas. I never know what to post on my social media.
    Thanks Again.

  • Thanks for sharing. Indeed social media tools will help businesses connect with consumers on the web.

  • Hi,

    As we know that the demand of Social Media and digital marketing in growing day by day. The above points which published the article for Social Media Tools to Boost Your Business in 2015 is very good information. I will planning for implement this strategies for social activities.


  • Hey peeps! Amazing blogpost, very helpful. We’re using now at the office. Such an amazing tool, really helps our Twitter profile grow. You should check it out!