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Zuckerberg to Host Second Public Q&A Session Dec. 11

It appears Q&A with Mark may become a monthly occurrence.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apparently enjoyed the Nov. 6 session so much, he has already scheduled the second for Dec. 11.

During the one-hour live-streamed event, he will again answer questions from both audience members and those on the social network.

“We’ve got a limited amount of free tickets for the next public Q&A with Mark at Facebook in Menlo Park, California on Dec. 11 at 2 p.m. PT,” reads a post on the Q&A with Mark Facebook page. “If you’ll be in the Bay Area and would like a chance to attend this event or future Q&As, please e-mail us at and include your full name and where you live.”

The statement makes it obvious Zuckerberg has plans to host these sessions regularly.

The Facebook CEO, in his first public Q&A, fielded questions on a variety of topics, from why members of the social network were asked to download the separate Messenger app to chat to why he appears to wear the same gray T-shirt every day.

Zuckerberg, in a post on his Facebook page after the first event, said he was asked more than 9,000 questions on the Q&A with Mark page.

“A lot of great questions were submitted that I didn’t have a chance to answer, but I’m really grateful to everyone who asked,” he said. “I’m excited to do more of these Townhall Q&As in the future.”

Those who missed the first session can watch the one-hour live-streamed event here.

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