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A business derives its maximum revenues when its potential to engage its customers is maximized to the fullest. Currently, we can trigger user social engagement in many ways, such as using engaging mobile apps, which can be an exciting medium for connecting to your customers. The rules of engagement for mobile apps tend to be different from the conventional customer engagement methods. Mobile phones are considered to be a more direct and more personal communication channel. Experts predicted 4.55 billion people worldwide will be using mobile phones by the end of 2014. With such an increasing number of users choosing their mobile phones as a method to connect to the outside world, many brands have already earned a place on their users’ mobile screens.

Businesses are beginning to recognize the opportunities that arise by means of a mobile app. Although, users are more prone to make use of these apps for utility and entertainment purposes, there is still a huge potential for strengthening your customer base with a smart and engaging app.

Here are some ways to make sure your app acts as a crowd-pleaser for earning your users’ loyalty and hence creating long-term user engagement.

Entertain your Customers
The biggest way to engage users is to provide them with some sort of entertainment. Everybody is looking for it and everybody enjoys it. It may be tricky but not impossible for brands to play to user emotions. For instance, there are many ways you can add the ‘fun-factor’ to your app. Your brand message can be in the form of a story or a game allowing users to earn badges, points and many other gifts (either virtual or real) — and it encourages users to keep coming back to your app.

Giraffas, which is one of the largest restaurants in Brazil, displayed a brilliant example of adding social entertainment to a business app. In order to create hype for the FIFA World Cup 2014, the restaurant provided its customers with food trays resembling a football field. The field made use of an app on users’ iPhones which turned their phones into a virtual goalkeeper. The front facing camera allowed the paper ball to be detected while the customers enjoyed their meal.

Deliver Valuable Information
Is your app of any informational value to your customers? Does it spell out your products and services in a clear and precise manner? No matter what you include in your app to make it socially engaging, its core purpose must be to inform your present and future clients of all the key information they require. For instance, an app related to a retail business must, at all times, contain an easily accessible catalog of products along with the availability, pricing and other relevant information. Famous airlines such as the American Airlines have developed a highly functional app allowing customers to check their flight status, modify existing reservations, and access their Advantage account.

Urge your Users to Take Action
There are dozens of apps offering tons of information with no visible call-to-action button. For example, if you own a salon, your app must not only provide information about the services you provide or the products you use but also a method to allow your users to book appointments, view availability slots and interact with one of your foremost stylists. Similarly, apps pertaining to banks can allow their customers to make transactions and check their accounts.

Get engaged with Mobile Social Networks
Make use of the current trend of mobile social networking to your advantage. You can do this by integrating your app with the latest social networks including the much-loved Facebook. Such a strategy will help you in two ways: Your users will not have to sign in separately to their preferred network and, apart from that, your app will be discussed and talked about in their social networking circles. This obviously means, the more contacts they have, the more user engagement and popularity your app will receive, ultimately adding to your business operations.

To add value and user engagement to their apps, brands need to develop a blend of the above-mentioned user engagement elements. Moreover, placing your customer at the heart of your mobile marketing strategy is an important aspect of devising an effective user engagement process.

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