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Security, Mobility Key Matters for Developers: Survey

With high profile security threats and hacks becoming more common, developers are looking more closely at sophisticated mobile UX and preventive security measures.

SurveyThat’s just one of the findings after a survey of developers conducted, for the fifth consecutive year, by SoftServe. The global software application development and consulting company, together with ExecutiveBrief, highlights development trends and priorities while, also, showing strategic priorities in the industry.

One of the key priorities for developers, the survey shows, is security.

“Forty-two percent of respondents indicated they need assistance load testing security solutions. This is likely a scaling issue in terms of ability to stress test solutions, as well as the desire for a third party to validate security measures,” the survey reports.

Forty percent of respondents indicated desire for assistance integrating security into QA and Build processes, as well.

“This is likely a recognition that outside expert opinion and expertise can be leveraged to ensure security,” the survey shows. “This notion is supported by the third greatest response — the need for assistance performing security audits.”

Security wasn’t the only issue identified, though.

The survey showed as mobility increasingly becomes a key direction of developers, companies are putting less effort into defining mobility strategies and are actively engaging in developing and implementing innovative mobile applications.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise, Juan Turruellas, executive vice-president worldwide sales and marketing at SoftServe, said in a company press release.

“With mobile technologies transforming all aspects of business and social interaction, more and more of our customers are looking to us to help them with their mobile UX design, so it’s no surprise this was identified as a concern across the industry,” said Turruellas.

“We’re also seeing a rise in demand from companies who are creating disruptive business innovations and need sophisticated security measures to protect data.”

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