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Twitter Collecting App Info From Users

In a bid to give users a more “personal” experience, Twitter has revealed it is keeping track of what apps users have downloaded on their Smartphones.

Twitter headquarters.

The social networking site announced earlier this week it will be following what apps users have installed to ensure it can “build a more personal Twitter experience” for those who are summing up their days in 140 characters or less.

“We are only collecting the list of applications you have installed. We are not collecting any data within the applications,” Twitter said in an entry on its support site.

The information that is gathered, though, may be used to improve Twitter’s ‘who to follow’ suggestions and ensuring content on timelines will be interesting for each user. And, as Twitter noted, the information will also enable a better use of “relevant promoted content.” In other words, Twitter wants to make sure businesses buying ads will get more bang for their buck.

The move isn’t that different, CNet reported, from what Facebook does in terms of checking what apps users have installed that use Facebook SDK. That, too, is a bid to have advertisements aimed at the appropriate users.

However, Twitter is also letting users know they can opt out of having their information used. The support site explains users can simply adjust the setting allowing Twitter to collect the list of apps on their mobile device. Once the setting is turned off Twitter will remove the user’s app graph data and stop future collection.

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