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December 3, 2014

How Business Can Improve Their Facebook Fan Relationships

The bond between customer and business is one of the factors that help a business in the good times and the bad. Facebook Groups is a fantastic way to improve these ties and build a better customer relationship.

We’ve come to a point where we accept social media as a part of our everyday life, our work and our communication. However, as businesses we often forget about the potential it still has and the forever altering benefits created by the fact it’s in constant flux and constantly evolving. So, let’s take a closer look at how businesses can improve their Facebook fan relationships, thereby improving their own businesses.

Fan Pages are Communities
What we often forget is that fan pages on Facebook are just communities. Twenty years ago a Facebook fan page would have been a quarterly circular, nowadays it’s a digitally published area for people of similar interests, no matter how boring, to communicate on.

Businesses need to remember this. Large, private, growing online communities such as those on Facebook are incredibly valuable. For example, say you create a product and in doing so create a popular Facebook fan page, you have the potential to leverage and grow this community on a daily basis. All you have to do is offer these people something of interest regularly.

The great thing about Facebook is that it doesn’t even necessarily have to be you who needs to create this amazing, motivating, and interesting content. Why not allow non-affiliated group admins to keep the conversation growing and on track? If you can sow the seeds of a great Facebook fan page, the right people can help plough the furrow and reap the rewards.

Conversely a Facebook Fan Page can be the ultimate device for honest worthwhile feedback. By creating a community that interacts, responds and engages, you have a marketing base that’s extremely treasured and is a prized commodity.

Of course, we’re not just talking about compliments here. Negative feedback can be as valuable or even more valuable than any other sort of feedback. Trolls will be trolls, but the vast majority of feedback is based on a real concern. By taking this negative feedback on board — after looking closely at it, of course — you can improve your service to a significant degree and, in doing so, improve your business. Think of negative SEO in this regard as a positive thing and something you would otherwise pay a lot of money to have access to.

High usability and engagement rates among a group of people allows you the opportunity to talk to customers, ask them what they want and perform some very worthwhile market research. When compared in terms of ease of access to information, a trusted Facebook fan page is an awesome marketing commodity that can’t be beaten.

Future Leads
Facebook isn’t about a hard sell; however it can sow a seed for future leads. For example, why not offer people something for free in exchange for signing up to your Fan page. This free item can be used to showcase your expertise, wears and knowhow and can also, potentially, encourage people to interact with the already established group. They can come in the shape of blogs posts, gated content or video.

Overtime, you’ve created a passionate brand advocate that wants to get involved with the group and is happy to take an interest in future products. By taking a potential target market and offering something that engages its members, you’ve created the opportunity for future opportunities.

Opportunities are Everywhere
It doesn’t have to be your fan page either. There are plenty of highly engaged Facebook fan pages out there that provide ample opportunity for businesses to share, be shared and get noticed. Take active Facebook groups that have a tourism orientation. These sorts of groups provide significant opportunities for local businesses that may be of interest to tourists to interact with interesting information.

As always, it’s not about the hard sell in any way and businesses should always thread a fine line between offering something on someone else’s page and being intrusive. However, if you focus on helping others and providing resources, you let people know of your existence and start them on the conversion funnel.

Genuinely offering something to a Facebook group whether it’s your company’s own, or someone else’s group, is the best way to build a relationship with customers and create a quality community. By leveraging the everyday and getting interested, enthusiastic people on board you kick-start your group and build a strong, long lasting relationship with a target audience that can provide notable and great long term benefits.


Cormac Reynolds is an online marketer and has written for a variety of great blogs and marketing sites in his time. He’s a lover of creative link building techniques and makes his own beer (the key to popularity). If you wish you can connect with him via his LinkedIn page.