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December 4, 2014

The Only Guide to Image Sources You’ll Ever Need (Part II)

This is Part 2 of an article that appeared on SPN Wednesday, Dec. 3/14. If you missed the first 23 image sources listed by the author, you can find them here.

24. picjumbo

This site offers a search function as well as categories to browse. The images are unique and full-quality, and they were created by web designer Viktor Hanacek.

25. Picography

Spectacular photos offered without a search option. Sign up for the mailing list to receive new photos every month.

26. Public Domain Archive

This site offers breathtaking images. New photos are added each week and there is an email list to which you may subscribe.

27. rgbstock

If you have time to sift through lots of photos, some with questionable quality, consider rgbstock. It houses over 102,000 images.

28. Snapographic

This site offers a substantial number of high-resolution photos, taken by Thomas Mühl. There’s a convenient option of downloading photos as a zip file for a small price.

29. SplitShire

Created by web designer, graphic designer, and photographer Daniel Hanescu, this site offers magnificent, unique stock photos for personal and commercial use.

30. Startup Stock Photos

If you’re looking for photos of the modern office, visit Startup Stock Photos. The images are crisp and beautiful and revolve around the innovative office theme.

31. Travel Coffee Book

This site offers amazing photos if you need something for a specific country. It is not yet searchable, but it’s worth the time to explore because the images are outstanding.

32. Unrestricted Stock

Icon vets and free stock vectors make Unrestricted Stock a valuable free image source. Their goal is to provide high-quality, free-use images without restriction.

33. Unsplash

Unsplash offers 10 new photos every 10 days. The site is simple and is not searchable but provides crisp, beautiful images. Fortunately, there is a great search tool maintained by Arthur
Weill that you can access here to find exactly what you’re looking for.

34. US Government Photos and Images

While not everything offered on the site is free (you have to search), the photos are reliable and accurate. Be sure to read the specific licensing agreement before you use a particular image.

35. Wikimedia Commons

The database offers close to 24 million free images, some of which require attribution. Again, be sure to read the specific licensing info for each image you plan to use.

No Attribution Needed Images – Personal Use Only

The following sites offer free photos for personal use, but may not be used for commercial purposes:

36. Ancestry Images

This site contains over 31,000 images of historical prints.

37. Animal Photos

Although the site layout could use an update, Animal Photos offers stunning, unique images of hundreds of animals.

38. FreeFoto

FreeFoto offers over 130,000 photos categorized in over 3,640 ways. The site is easy to search and could be useful for many of your needs.

39. Stockvault

Stockvault offers over 51,000 images. You’ll be sure to find something you can use.

Attribution Required – Personal or Commercial Use

The following sites are free to use for personal and commercial as long as the author is attributed:

40. Albumarium

Offering gorgeous photos, both searchable and categorized, Albumarium is a hotspot for high-quality and ease of use.

41. Bigfoto

The site asks for a link back or Facebook like in return for using the free photos, which are sorted mostly by geographic location and have been taken by amateur photographers.

42. Car Pictures

Don’t let the website design fool you. This is the site to visit if you’re seeking car images, offering photographs of over 100 different car makes.

43. Creativity 103

If you’re looking for design ideas, abstract backgrounds or textures, this is the site to visit.


Requiring an attribution link, this site offers photos, some with inspirational and motivational quotes.

45. Flickr

The popular image-hosting site functions as a good source for free images as long as you know how to perform a proper search. Use the advanced search function to locate commercial-use Creative Commons photos.


The small images are available for free, and the larger ones will cost you a few dollars. There are 17 categories and hundreds of images to choose from. The inventory is standard, but there are many options from which to choose.


Wunderstock houses a vast array of free photos, ranging in uniqueness and categorized in 9 ways. The site is searchable.

48. FreePixels

Freepixels offers many categories and lots of options, close to 6,000 options to be exact. Check out this site if you’re looking for something specific but simple. To use, you must attribute the site.

49. IM Free

This site is a collection of images for commercial use. The images are hosted on Flickr and therefore will yield different licensing terms, so be sure to view the Creative Commons license for attribution requirements before using.

50. Lock and Stock Photos

In order to use any of these exceptional photos, you are asked to link back to the creator’s personal website. The collection on Lock and Stock Photos is as diverse as it is rare.

51. Magdeleine

This site is worthy of a first look if you’re looking for something incredible. The images are superb, searchable, and can even be grouped by dominant color. They don’t offer the largest selection of Creative Commons Zero licensed images, but the quality makes up for the lack of quantity.

52. Photo Everywhere

Offering a “world of images,” Photo Everywhere houses a selection of over 3,600 stock photos from locations around the world. The high-quality images are worthy of a look if you need something geo-specific.

53. Raumrot

This site offers carefully chosen, high-quality photos that range in style and motive. There are about 475 photos from which to choose.

54. Stock Media

Most marketers need a generic image from time to time. When you need something simple and don’t want to sift through too many options, check out Stock Media. It’s not searchable, but it is well-categorized.

55. Toasto

Toasto offers photos which are searchable and categorized in 6 ways.

56. Superfamous

Superfamous is anything but generic, and it’s everything spectacular. The photos offered are captivating landscapes and gorgeous, high-definition images from nature’s most beautiful moments.

Besides the sources listed above, don’t forget about Getty Images and Instagram, which may be utilized as long as you embed the photos.

Have a valuable source to add to this list? Please comment below, so we can ensure this is the greatest list of free image sources you’ll ever need. Don’t forget to bookmark this link for reference later, and share it with your followers!


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