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December 10, 2014

Success Stories: Essential Tips to Create a Perfect Online Store

With the difficulty in clinching even that first sale, it is difficult to imagine that some people meet incredible success online and go on to push massive sales through their own portals. So what do they sell? What do they do right? How do they “get” eCommerce to enable them turn their online portals into versatile storefronts that push goods to customers and generate massive revenues for their businesses?

This post is about the success stories of some seemingly ordinary eCommerce websites that do something right. We also offer tips from these trailblazers that you can incorporate in your eCommerce strategy in order to build that perfect online store that is a magnet for buyers.

Online artwork design

Ever thought you could make money online through online artwork design and sales? The eCommerce online artwork product Configurator Portal was built to promote artists and is now a leading portal for buying online high quality and collectible prints. The platform promotes artists and offers buyers to quality and rare collectible prints that you can easily purchase online.

What is the secret of success? They integrated a versatile eCommerce platform that enables them to easily showcase products online and customize product display for maximum success. Online artwork design portal used a lot of social media marketing channels such as Twitter and Instagram to build the buzz around its products before launching its online store.

Ensure Scalability

How scalable is your eCommerce website to support future growth and opportunities? One of the best success tips for eCommerce websites is building scalable designs. Consider SouthernFood, a food and beverages business based in Los Angeles.

The company’s website was based on a custom platform that was not scalable. It was built for the present needs of selling food and beverages. But the company realized it would need more versatility on its eCommerce platform in order to sell more and generate revenues. It needed to connect the winery business to other related businesses and events such as concerts, integrate custom modules used for ticket ordering, ensure the system is stable enough to handle large spikes in traffic and sales and manage the website from multiple locations.

The company’s solution was to install a highly scalable Magento-powered platform that would enable it to scale up with relative ease. This is a robust system and once you install it, you need only to plug in simple modules to achieve the scalability that you need.

Improve the design and user experience

Do not underestimate the power of the marketing and user experience in eCommerce. Installing a versatile software platform in itself is not sufficient. But by injecting some soul into your eCommerce website, you will be able to curve a niche and improve your sales without compromising on your core values.

Take the example of Alex and Ani, a retail fashion, apparels and accessories website. Its sustainable jewelry business was designed to capture positive energy and give women an individual sense of expression. And it wanted that philosophy in business incorporated in its website so as not to alienate the core market.

By deploying a Magento-powered eCommerce platform, the firm was able to bring out its brand expression and philosophy in the website design and functionality. Apart from offering customers a totally seamless experience, the site allows for deeper engagement and personalization, audience management, high touch experience in store while also offering the robust infrastructure to support massive sales.

The moral: Do not sacrifice your principles and philosophy to fit technological demand. Instead, work with an eCommerce tool that can be easily adapted to your business philosophy.

Choose a Robust eCommerce Platform

Whether you are running an online artwork design website or selling handbags, you can market in several ways and optimize your website for the search engines, but your site must have backbone. This backbone is the eCommerce software infrastructure that will bear the burden of all the sales that you plan to push through your website.

Choosing an eCommerce platform is, therefore, crucial to success. Once you incorporate this backbone on your storefront, you can plug in many other modules around it in order to add value to your store. JennLouise is a fashion and accessories site that began seeing incredible success and boost in sales after deploying a versatile eCommerce platform.

This has made the many aspects of running its online business a lot easier. The company is able to plug in apps to add value and scalability to the store. Once the backend was fixed, it was able to deliver an incredible experience to its customers.

There are tens of thousands of eCommerce success stories out there. There is no magic involved. These companies simply adopted eCommerce best practices and then marketed with consistency while delivering on their promises to their customers.


I am Esther Brown and am passionate about development and evolution of the eCommerce platform. I have good knowledge about Web to print software technology, experience and strategy. I observe that how eCommerce consumers, business customers and end users habitual with eCommerce.