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Google+ Comments for WordPress is Good for SEO

Bloggers always want their blogs to be listed in Google’s good books. I can’t blame them, because it is the most used search engine.

I usually recommend bloggers grab each and every chance to please Google. The latest trend of installing the Google+ comment system is one such opportunity.

Lately, many bloggers have been asking me about my take on this topic. Well, I was naturally intrigued by the ‘interest’ many bloggers developed about this commenting system. Suddenly, many of them were appreciating this plugin’s impact on SEO (search engine optimization).

So, seeing the confusion surrounding the situation, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and test it out. Sure enough, I discovered embedding the Google+ commenting system into your WordPress blog has more than one advantage.

How exactly is the Google+ comment system good for SEO?

We all know this is the age of social media revolution. Social media and blogging are so well connected that a SMO (social media optimization) has emerged as a key part of blogging

It is well-known fact that social media signals influences and affects a blog’s position in SERPs (search engine results page). Social media signals are all about how well your blog and its content ‘perform’ across various social networking sites.

Thus, it is a prominent factor among the other 200 factors in deciding a blog’s or site’s position in SERPs. Therefore, installing the above mentioned commenting system will garner much more comments from Google+ users.

The more comments from Google+ers, the better social media signals it will generate. And Google has a special place for G+ in its algorithm. It is a well-known fact that the better a blog post performs on G+, the better it will rank in SERPs. So, the more the G+ comments, the better it is for your blog. This way, the above comment system is good for a blog’s SEO and SMO!

Getting it installed on your blog is easy

Yes, you read it right! There is a WordPress plugin that’ll get this job done easily. It is called ‘ Comments Evolved for WordPress’.

This plugin makes your blog’s commenting system a ‘tabbed’ one. There are tabs for Google+, Facebook, Disqus and WordPress comments.

In our case, we’ll just add the G+ tab. The existing commenting system will stay right there, without undergoing any change. A new tab for G+ comments will be added. The ‘look and feel’ of this tabbed system is good. It integrates well with almost all WP themes.

It boosts user engagement and user friendliness

Nowadays, people are almost always logged onto their social media accounts while browsing. So, having such a tabbed system with social log in options will prompt them to comment more often. It makes it really easy for them to leave their feedback on your blog. Thus, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

The only drawback that I found with this plugin

Well, this is not Google’s official plugin (but that isn’t a major drawback). The major drawback (according to me) is that it slows down the blog a bit.

I’m a ‘speed’ maniac. I want my blog to load fast — that’s why I have used a simple theme and simple layout on my blog. That’s the only reason why I’m not using this plugin on my blog.

Over to you

So, if you are not a speed maniac, I guess this plugin won’t disappoint you. It doesn’t conflict with commonly used, important plugins like WP Super Cache, WP SEO by Yoast, AKISMET etc. Ultimately, this plugin will also add a bit to your blog’s SEO and SMO. Go for it if it meets your standards.

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