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December 22, 2014

Seven Social Media Myths for Small Businesses

Despite the popularity of social media, many small businesses are under the impression social media is irrelevant to them. Regardless of the business’ size or product, engaging customers over social media is crucial to overall business success.

Here are seven social media myths common to small businesses, and why these myths should be ignored:

  1. Just Having a Social Media Account Will Drive Your Sales

Simply having social media accounts will not actively drive sales. Social media, like traditional marketing, requires legwork. For your business to grow over social media, your business needs to have an active online presence. If you have set up a Facebook business page, but infrequently update, no one will remember your business exists. Not only will your Facebook page have low traffic, but so will your website and store.

  1. Social Media Is a Waste of Time

This statement is entirely false. With the popularity of social media today, having an active social media presence will be well worth your time. While being on social media can be time consuming, this is an essential marketing platform where your business can engage customers, which ultimately benefits your business. Social media is a long-term strategy for building a following for your brand and a loyal customer base.

  1. You Don’t Have Time for Social Media

To interact on different social media sites at least once a day takes 10 to 15 minutes. Once you have mastered social media, having a consistent presence is not difficult. Additionally, you can utilize online resources like automating to reduce your daily time on social media.

  1. Social Media is Only Worth it if My Post Generates a Lot of Hits

Having a post that goes viral is fantastic for your business. However, posts that do not immediately go viral are not dispensable. It is more important to have quality, consistent content than it is to have sporadic, viral content. Keep your fan base in mind when you post, and followers will come organically.

  1. Social Media Is Only for the Younger Generation

Did you know that those aged 30-49 are more likely to be on social media than those 18-29? And, more than half of those aged 50-64 have an active social media presence. Although social media might have started out as an avenue for the younger generation, it is applicable to youth and adults of all ages, which actually expands your customer base.

  1. Twitter Is Not for My Business

Despite the misconception that Twitter is a hub for celebrities, Twitter is a viable avenue for small businesses. While having hundreds or thousands of Twitter followers would certainly be nice, your business’s Twitter account will still bring in customers with just a few loyal followers.

  1. Personal Branding Does Not Work

Actually, the complete opposite is true. Personal branding makes customers twice as likely to remember your company and purchase from you again. Customers prefer a company they respect and can identify with, which comes from authentic, personal branding.

Using social media to engage with your customers and clients can help to grow your business into a successful enterprise. Rather than just creating social media accounts for your business, actually take the time to formulate a strategy if you are truly focused on success. The benefits of casting a social media net are wide ranging if executed correctly; don’t waste another day without utilizing this valuable small business marketing tool.


Miguel Salcido has been a professional SEO consultant for over 9 years, holding Director and VP positions at large agencies. He now offers consulting services through his site, Visit His Google+ Profile