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January 5, 2015

Eight Opera Browser Plugins That Will Increase Your Browsing Speed

When I first made the switch from Google Chrome to Opera I realized that I had lost some of my browsing speed. This wasn’t due to websites being slower, it was due to ME being slower. I didn’t have the same shortcuts and tools as before. This slowed down the work I did online.

I went on a download quest to get my browsing speed back up. Here are my results from trial and error. I wouldn’t recommend installing each and every single plugin suggested. Download the plugins which meet your needs specifically.

Advanced Tab Killer

If you’re at all like me, you have about 15 tabs open at once, and then you realize that only two of them are worth your time. When you find yourself in this situation frequently, Advanced tab killer helps you quickly close tabs that you don’t need any longer. This can increase your efficiency dramatically if you’re a heavy tab user.

Right now I have Gmail, Google Drive, a spreadsheet, Facebook, NFL, Twitter, Grooveshark, this website, this Google document and CNN open. That’s an average moment in my day.

My Dropbox

With the increasing importance of operating within a Cloud environment, a plugin like My Dropbox could prove invaluable for your work goals. You’ll be able to view, download, and browse all of your Dropbox files right from your browser.

There will be no more minimizing your browser window and switching back and forth between it and Dropbox over and over as you work on projects with people. It can all be there in your browser in another tab.

10 Minute Mail

Nothing sucks up your time quicker than unwanted e-mail. Every time you sign up for a new account somewhere you leave yourself vulnerable to having your e-mail address exposed to who knows how many third parties. 10MinuteMail gives you a disposable e-mail address from a pop-up window that you activate from the plugin’s extension button.

You can do this from their website, but that little pop-up window makes it easier for those who frequently comment on forums, or sign up for online deals.

Instant Dictionary

When you’re a person who writes and reads online as much as I do, a handy dictionary is essential. I used to have an online dictionary bookmarked that would take me away from the page I was on. Instant Dictionary does it all right in the window with the word you’re looking up. Highlight the word, press the shift key, and you’ll get an audio pronunciation, a definition and you can even use it as a translator.

Come to think of it, I’m putting this on my native-Portuguese speaking girlfriend’s computer. I’m betting it could help someone learning English too.


One of the in-fashion places to place worms, viruses, and other computer infections is within Javascript code. NotScripts seeks to protect your computer from slowdowns by blocking all Javascript. This is great for websites you’re not familiar with, but what about those whose Javascript you do want to see? No problem, just add them to your whitelist.


Everyone always raves about the Google Chrome feature where you can turn websites into PDF documents for offline viewing. Web2PDFConvert makes this possible for Opera now too. You’ll be able to view your PDF document within Google Docs just like with Chrome, or download it to you computer for viewing in a PDF reader.

I use this with long articles I want to read during my commute on my iPad. It saves me time while browsing because before this I had to do the old command+shift+4 to get the picture for later viewing.

Tab Vault

Are your bookmarks already full and cluttered? Tab Vault can help you bookmark tabs without leaving them in your memory. You can arrange your tabs into groups, import and export to your Opera bookmarks, and search through the saved tabs quickly by the text search bar.

HTTPS Everywhere

One of my own favorite and “always on” Opera plugins is HTTPS Everywhere. It forces websites to use their HTTPS version when they try to send you to a regular HTTP version of their website. This increases your safety and keeps you safe from session hijacking, all while operating as normal.

For those who don’t understand the difference between HTTP and HTTPS…for this website, I’ll say the ‘S’ stands for ‘secure’ and leave it there.

Faster browsing through Opera plugins

The average user may not see the value here. For hardcore Internet and social media users, these Opera browser plugins can prove invaluable. This very scientific equation helps illustrate the point:

Increased security + Increased ease of data memory = Faster Internet use.

Try out a few and let me know how they’re working for you in the comment section below.


Matthew Yeoman is the social media writer over on the blog. You can find him there every Wednesday and Friday writing about the latest in social media, or you can learn more about Devumi at this link. For the social types, @Devumi is on Twitter!