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January 8, 2015

Eight Awesome Strategies to Boost Online Sales in No Time

I’m sure you have come across tons of articles when Googling, “best-practiced strategies to boost online sales.” But you ought to be eagle-eyed while implementing any of them because they will bring change.

Varied elements come into play when you are aiming to augment the conversion rate of your website. You may have your own set of website conversion optimization strategies, but are they going to help you out? That’s what the post is about; any poorly implemented conversion technique can turn out to be a nightmare for your business. Try out these well-proven and modern techniques to give desired edge to your online business.

1. Choice of Colors Matters

Don’t take colors for granted when dealing with your online business. Do you know that the choice of colors can actually reveal about the subliminal perception of your online business? Colors and shades have psychological influence so it is crucial to choose the right one for your site. Hues such as red shriek “pay attention,” show strength and warn of peril. On-the-other-hand orange denotes curiosity, carefree and playfulness.


But don’t be that regular sheep by selecting typical blue background with a white content area, making even harder for your audience to differentiate among your competitors. Always remember, Eagles Fly Alone and Sheep Flock Together.

2. Take Your Website’s Font Style and Size Seriously

Did you know if the font size you choose for your site is too small, it could result in losing potential business? The font size should be neither too small, nor too large. Font style and size not only enhances the beauty of the Web page, but also can make it easier (or more difficult) for visitors to read your content. Applying fonts with “feet” on the letter edges (such as in Times New Roman and Courier) make eyes tire swifter on screen than non-feet fonts (like Ariel or Verdana). So make wise choices in selecting fonts.

3. Make Use of Hidden Opportunities

With the help of software like RankWatch, one can easily find keywords that are ranking on page 2. Just optimizing these keywords a bit further on the site will get them to page 1 and lot of new traffic, and this data is refreshed every week.


4. Track real-time changes

It is necessary to keep consistent track of your website, especially the rate of conversions. You do not need an expensive system for measuring, testing and evaluating the changes, but you do need to focus on what is important like changes that can affect the web page. For example, enlarging the size of product images may cause a loss of website traffic because of extended loading time.

You can make use of software like Open Site Explorer to track your website’s complex data in detail, but with great simplicity. Keep track of backlinks, advanced analytics, SERP archive and rank analysis from anywhere using these tools.

5. Be Innovative With Call To Action Text

Don’t be boring when it comes to your call-to-action text. Writing out-of-the-box call to action text is a modern conversion optimization strategy, where simply replacing the text can convert leads to sales. For instance, replace “Free Download” with “I Want My Free eBook” or “Buy Coupons” with “Give Me My Coupons.” Although it seems trivial, such alterations can really help to increase conversion rates.


Let’s read this serious example where, Dell made $25 million additional in sales, merely by altering the three small words. The firm replaced its “Learn more” call-to-action text with the more intuitive and practical phrase: “Help Me Choose.” These three little words have turned magical for its business growth.

Tempt And Invite Audience With Coupon Code Use

Boost your sales rate by offering coupon codes. People love receiving discounts and offering a discount code will make them believe they are grabbing a better deal than somewhere else. Do not to offer the promotional code or freebie on your front page, but let the users reach the checkout page to enjoy the offered benefits.


6. Display Your Business Policies Up Front

Always be transparent when it comes to your privacy policy and your refunds and return guarantees on goods or services. Customers don’t like surprises. Also, don’t forget to provide crucial information like ‘Customer Service Help Desk’ and ‘Contact Address’ on your site.

Use Natural Language

Natural Language that easily blends with the website design can aid in expanding business sales. According to this article by Search Engine Land, natural language can help in boosting conversion rate by 25 to 40 percent.


Try implementing the above strategies and notice the difference in conversion yourself. You can also try AB testing before making these changes final to help you more accurately judge what your customers want when they visit your site. Happy selling!


Joydeep Bhattacharya is an internet marketer and owner of the SEO blog, SEO Sandwitch. He has been associated with SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM and other activities related to online marketing for the past 5 years.