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Five Creative Ideas to Start a Unique Online Service

Today, it is a challenge to generate a steady income flow as a Web worker. No matter if you are a freelancer who outsources for different clients abroad or an online business owner who sells his products and services, you will have some tough competition out there.

Things like marketing your services, doing your SEO and SMO right and networking are part and parcel of your business. How about offering services that are unique and creative? Make a business platform or service that no one else or very few people in the past have provided. Offer a service that people may not find anywhere else or a product that has very few competitions/challengers.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But this isn’t as easy as it sounds. How do you think out-of-the-box? How can you pick one business that is rare and creative, yet helps your customers to make their lives easier?

Well, here are some suggestions you can try. These suggestions may also help you come up with other new ideas too.

  • Use your Social influence to good effect

Are you one of those that flaunt thousands of Twitter followers? If you are popular among your contacts and if people click on your links/posts often, this is great for your business. Make good use of your Twitter influence by distributing sponsored tweets.

Today, there are quite a few marketplaces on which advertisers can post offers. ChurpChurp, TweetPeddler and SponsoredTweets are just a few of choices. These directories enjoy heavy volume, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding offers and promoting your brands. Choose those that are more relevant to your community and those that give you more chances of success.

  • Hosting and Cooking Dinners

Who does not like to have a night out for dinner? But there are many foodies out there who are tired of the usual menu cards and the regular flavors of restaurants. If you are an expert cook who can prepare delicious dishes giving a great dining experience, you will be thronged with customers interested in your offering.

Cookening, Eatwith and HomeDine are some great places to look for inspiration as a startup.

  • Try this risk-free eCommerce business: Drop Shipping

This one is a hot and hybrid business that takes the role of eCommerce as well as affiliate marketing. The business model lets you sell third-party products on sites managed by you. However, this model does not involve the risks that you would normally be taking with other ordinary eCommerce or affiliate businesses. This is because the vendor takes care of the billing, order fulfillment and services. You make commissions by simply driving the orders.

Make your own website today using one of the free website creators like Wix. Use your creative skills to add products and descriptions to attract buyers. With minimum or no expenses involved, you can make your own premium eCommerce website filling it with products and categories of your choice.

  • Tourist and Immigration Services

If you are living in a country to which tourists flock every year, you can make big profits in the flourishing tourism industry. You can offer a variety of services associated with transportation, lodging, tour guides etc. Setting examples in this category are service providers like RelayRides — offering car rental services and Airbnb — offering house renting services.

Immigrateful is a unique facilitator that has helped many immigrants reach the United States — a dream destination for many people. It is a typical example of a site that provides U.S. immigration services like visa operations, naturalizations and things related to Consular law.

There are many creative options when it comes to providing online immigration and tourism services.

  • Board games have become boring; think of creative ones

Gone are the days when only expert programmers and Web designers could make their dream software and websites. Today, a little bit of study is all you need to create your own game or your dream website. Want to make your own game of Monopoly? Don’t worry. Game Crafter is here for you. Game Crafter enables gamers to design their own card games or board games and also make money in the process. The platform features instructions, templates, proofing tools and videos to help new game makers design quality creations. Once created, you can sell any number of copies as you like or use a reputed platform like Android or iOS to sell your game.

As you see, there is no limit to creativity. Today, Internet offers a world of opportunities to talented individuals. The success of your business primarily depends on how unique your services are. So be unique and achieve big. All the best!

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