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More Than Half of Android Users Vulnerable

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There’s a good chance — more than 50 percent — if you’re an Android user you’re vulnerable to a security flaw.

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Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles) /

There’s an even better chance — 100 percent, in fact — if you happen to fall in to that category that Google won’t be doing anything to help you. That’s because despite the fact Google is aware roughly 60 percent of Android users are operating on an Android 4.3 or older operating system and, therefore, are vulnerable to the flaw, the company has chosen not to do anything about it.

“Keeping software up-to-date is one of the greatest challenges in security. Google invests heavily in making sure Android and Chrome are as safe as possible and doing so requires that they be updated very frequently,” explained Google’s Adrian Ludwig, the company’s chief of security for Android, in a blog entry.

Ludwig went on to recognize there is a known issue with WebView but noted the company is not offering a patch for it and, rather, suggested developers use “a browser that is updated through Google Play” and use applications that follow security best practices.

Changing Web browsers is one step to increase security, reported Thai Tech. Switching over to Chrome or Firefox will lessen a user’s chances of being impacted but won’t completely address the matter.

Ludwig’s blog post met with varied responses — some simply thanking the Google official for the information while others vented frustration over the news.

Jake Weisz, one commenter, said it was a “joke” that Google is not addressing the matter and stated he was “calling Google out for failing to protect their customers still on contract with their devices for up to another year or more.”

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