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Six Online Marketing Musts for 2015

Online marketing changes from year to year and 2015 is no exception. Sometimes keeping up with all the changes and advancements can be a daunting task. New innovative ideas come alive and old ideas get more attention and power while some just dry up and blow away.
We can surmise that marketing methods such as social media and SEM will never go away but changes will take them in different directions. We need to be aware of those new directions so we don’t get lost in our marketing efforts.
Below are some of the major marketing trends for 2015 and how some of them will be changing.

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing includes strategies such as search engine optimization and paid search engine advertising. According to the Search Engine Journal, 93 percent of all online experiences begin with a search engine. Obviously your website needs to be in on that statistic. Search engines drive 300 percent more traffic to websites than social media. This year the search engines will be all about quality over quantity more than ever. Your site needs to have quality content and quality inbound links. Concentrate on content that answers people’s questions and links from high-powered informative sites.   Keywords will be diminishing in importance as over-stuffing of keywords tends to cause webmasters to lose focus on more important factors such as user experience.

2. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has been like a lion waiting in the bushes. When it pounces, its force will be extreme. This year promises to be a big year for mobile marketing. You have to have a mobile-friendly website as more and more people are going mobile. Almost 80 percent of Smartphone owners use their devices to shop online. And this stat will only get bigger. The first thing you need to do is visit your site from a mobile device and take note of everything that needs to be changed, tweaked or redesigned. There are mobile site design services that are free or affordable. If you can’t or won’t make the necessary changes to your site, an alternative is to make a mobile-friendly sister site and link it to your main site. This is a better strategy than just ignoring the ever-growing number of mobile consumers.

3. Content Marketing

Last year was the year that content became king, but this year it looks to evolve even further. Content marketing is marketing by creating and sharing information and other quality content. For effective content marketing, you need to analyze your audience’s needs and articulate those needs successfully in your content. Visual content such as infographics are becoming very popular and can do a lot for your campaign. Add graphics to your how-to articles for more effect. Creating entertaining and informative videos can also escalate your content marketing. Visual content will go to the next level and become a necessity in content marketing.

4. Social Media

Social media usage has increased more than 100 percent in the last five years and will only continue to grow. If you have not yet gone social, you need to start building your social presence. For most small online businesses, it would be nearly impossible to build a solid presence on all the social sites. Research the social networks and choose the top three that would be the best for your business. Focus on building your brand on these sites by posting consistent, interesting, entertaining, and helpful content. Always respond to comments whether they be positive or negative. Research what types of content draw in the most engagement. Learn all you can about social media and how it works so you have a deep understanding of the power it has and how to bring this power to your business.

5. E-Mail Marketing

You might have seen the headline, “E-Mail Marketing is Dead” but e-mail remains the leader in spreading the marketing message. According to, for every dollar spent on e-mail marketing, the average return is $44.25. Almost 100 percent of online consumers use e-mail. E-mail marketing will become more straightforward and should always be permission-based. Although e-mail marketing is alive and kicking, spam-like methods are dead.   Do not use hype and spammy words in your e-mail subject line. Keep it short and to the point. Your subject line is the doorway to your e-mail and will determine if it is opened or not. Be sure your e-mail messages are also mobile-friendly.

6. Meme Marketing

A meme (pronounced “meem”) is a growing and popular Internet trend where a cutesy or funny image is paired with a clever quote or saying to create an entertaining or funny situation to which we can relate. Memes are also becoming more popular in billboards and other offline advertising. You can create your own memes at websites like They enable you to use your own images and add your own text. Memes are meant to bring humor and entertainment to everyday situations, which can go a long way in the online marketing world. They will increase sharing and engagement to help build your social media presence. As always be careful as not to produce and offensive or inappropriate meme. Memes are a fun and interesting way to go viral and take your online marketing to the next level for the New Year.
Keeping up with the Joneses so to speak in the marketing world can seem impossible at times but you need to keep up with the changes and trends for each year as they evolve and become more important. Take some time to research each marketing strategy and learn as much as you can so 2015 will be your most successful year ever.

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Terri Seymour

Terri Seymour has almost 20 years of internet marketing experience and has helped many people start their own business. Visit her site for free articles, resources, information, resell ebook business opportunity and more. Get three free gifts including The Big Book of Social Media Tips.


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  • Terri, I want to acknowledge that before reading this article I was completely unaware of “Meme Marketing” and the meme generating websites. It’s a great idea for engaging viewers with humor and some wise quotes related to celebrities and other big names. I was not using this method of marketing but now am going to start this to boost my online business.

    • Hello John,

      Actually I was not familiar with it either until I did my research for this article. It is definitely something that people can relate to thus making for effective marketing and branding. Thank you for your input!

      Warm regards,
      Terri Seymour

  • Terri,

    More than ever, with so much crackdown by Google on spam and spammy content, online marketing success will largely depend on the content quality that we present in our websites and how well it relates to our visitors’ requirements and wants.

    As you rightly said, now is the time for quality over quantity.


  • I really like your marketing tactic. There are 2 things which inspired me a lot to do some thing new, and those points are meme posting and mobile marketing. As we know that, mobile app development market is going on and people are using their mobile more instead of computer. So, if your business is ahead in mobile world, you can win the race. And meme is something new and latest adopted technique. If you have creative idea, then you can generate them and can share on social platforms to grab the attention.

    • Hello Michael,

      Thank you so much for your input. I also need to implement more mobile and meme marketing into my campaign. Thanks again.

      Warm regards,
      Terri Seymour

  • Your all points are too good. Social engine marketing is the best way to popular the brand and company in the world. Social media is main factor for this. You can use also paid things for instant results.. Mobile and content marketing is also a good factor. Use always fresh and unique content. Totally agree with your points..

  • You have discussed mobile marketing by making a mobile friendly website, I want to ask is there is any SEM for mobile marketing so that we go to top when you search on mobile.

  • These online marketing strategies are very effective and powerful. Very informative and useful post for beginners as well as for experienced marketers.

  • More than ever, with so much crackdown by Google on spam and spammy content, online marketing success will largely depend on the content quality that we present in our websites and how well it relates to our visitors’ requirements and wants.

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