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Microsoft Gives Mobile Users Preview of Windows 10

Users with the proper program have been given a preview of Windows 10 on their phones.

Windows Phone 8.1
Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft rolled out the preview Thursday with the caveat those who wanted to take the system for a test run join the Windows Insider Program and install its app. Once that is complete users can get an exclusive look at the program considering it hasn’t even landed in its desktop format yet.

Gabe Aul, Microsoft’s Windows Insider program manager, posted on the Windows blog explaining the version being unleashed is not a finished product.

“This is the earliest publicly available preview we’ve ever done for Windows on phones. This preview is still very much under development and you’re going to see some rough edges,” stated Aul. “We’re sharing it with you so you can be with us at every step, and provide your feedback to help make this the best release ever—because it’s the one made for you.

“You will encounter bugs. You will see experiences that are clearly just not done yet, and UX that lacks polish at this point.”

The preview comes with some unique features, though, including full-size background image, more quick actions in the action centre, interactive notifications and significantly enhanced speech-to-text capability.

The preview is exciting but somewhat frustrating, too. As The Next Web explained, Microsoft selected an odd collection of devices that can run the preview.

Only a half-dozen Windows Phones (Lumia 630, 635, 636, 638, 730 or 830) can operate the system. The limited selection, Microsoft explained, stems from the fact the lower-end devices already have recovery images available and that’s needed for the preview.

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