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February 18, 2015

TweetDeck Teams Introduced by Twitter

Enables Account Sharing Without Password Exchanges

Sharing — and managing — a Twitter account has become easier and more secure thanks to a new feature introduced by the social network.

Twitter logo

Twitter logo

Twitter announced Tuesday it is introducing TweetDeck Teams, a means to share a Twitter account without having to share passwords. It’s basically an administrator/contributor set-up with the ability to have numerous people logging in and using a single account.

The design isn’t that much different than, say, a Facebook page shared among several users. Each person can log-in to the account using their own e-mail with each person able to post using the single account.

“TweetDeck Teams has two types of roles: admin and contributor. As the person who knows the password, you can still Tweet from the account, add or remove team members, view the team and access the account from non-TweetDeck platforms (e.g.,, Twitter mobile apps),” Twitter product manager Amy Zima explained in a blog entry. “You can also update the account’s credentials or password.”

Contributors can use the account but have a limited ability for adding or removing team members — something only an administrator can do.

Twitter isn’t necessarily breaking new ground here, as noted by Mashable. Twitter third parties — like HootSuite and SocialFlow — have had similar options for some time. Finally, this means those who share an account can do so without worrying about their passwords being shared or having someone not authorized making decisions above their responsibility.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.