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Apple Overhauling Genius Bar Service System

Apple image — The Apple Store, Santa Monica, Calif.

Apple customers frustrated with long waits when having a device fixed could be getting some good news.

iPad_mini_inHand_Wht_iOS6_PRINTReports indicate the company is doing an overhaul of its Genius Bar — its in-store repair service — so customers will get a better estimate for how long their device could be down. Apple is also introducing a new system to take over the current walk-in appointment system.

The change, 9to5 Mac reports, will see customers explaining their issues to an Apple Store employee who will then enter the information into an iPad application which, in turn, spews out a wait time based on the priority of their problem. The customer then provides a phone number at which they can be notified their request has been received, when they should return to the store to see a technician and, finally, where that technician can be found in the store.

PC Mag quoted from the report noting the changes should alleviate strain on Apple technicians and allow for a smoother flow of customers.

“This will likely reduce crowding in the Apple Store and possibly fatigue from waiting customers,” noted the site. “Apple Stores will operate essentially like restaurants that provide diners with pagers and wait times instead of holding empty tables while people are waiting.”

The new system — dubbed Concierge — isn’t being touted as the end all to Apple’s service for customers. CNet reported the company will, for an unknown amount of time, still be serving those who choose to use the old system of logging issues online to set up appointments at the Genius Bar.

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