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Chrome Will Now Warn Users About to Visit Sites With Harmful Content

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Google has upped Chrome’s security to warn users of the Web browser when they are about to visit a site that contains nefarious downloads.

The warning — which reads ‘The site ahead contains harmful programs’ — takes SafeBrowsing, which is protection against unwanted software downloads, a step further.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 7.36.44 AMThe warning goes on to say that attackers on that site could try to trick visitors into installing programs harmful to their browsing experience by changing their homepage or showing extra ads on the sites they visit.

The new layer of security also extends to Google search and ads.

Google Search now incorporates signals that identify such deceptive sites, limiting the chance of users visiting these sites via the company’s search results. It has also begun to disable Google ads that lead to sites with unwanted software.

“If you’re a site owner, we recommend that you register your site with Google Webmaster Tools,” said Google software engineer Lucas Ballard.

“This will help you stay informed when we find something on your site that leads people to download unwanted software, and will provide you with helpful tips to resolve such issues. We’re constantly working to keep people safe across the Web.”

Google enacted SafeBrowsing malware warnings in 2011 and added automatic malware blocking in November.


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