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How Influencers Play a Role in Devising Content Marketing Strategy

Most of people think that influencer marketing is something related to the promotional part of the digital marketing world. However, the key idea behind using influencer marketing efficiently in your business includes recognizing and developing relationships with the influencers to create your brand’s credibility among your target audience. But the main question is, do influencers focus on the promotional part of the digital marketing world? Before answering this query, it is imperative to know what influencers are and how they impact our content marketing strategy.

Influencers are important people who have vast engaged fan bases that can help in enhancing the view of content, ideas, and pictures by sharing them among their contacts. It is important for you to learn how and when to engage with influencers when devising your content marketing strategy.

Do Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand?

It is important that your approach to content marketing and influencer marketing are parallel to each other. When content marketing has become an integrated part of the digital marketing world, it is very important to make your content reachable in front of the appropriate people at the correct time. Hence, if you want to get the right influencers for enhancing your content marketing strategy, it is vital for you to understand that influencers play a crucial role within the immense landscape of content marketing.


Whether you are interested in driving traffic to your site or developing your brand awareness, the most important part of influencer marketing is to gain engaged followers rather than gaining a number of followers who may have no interest in your brand.

Benefits of Involving Influencers in Content Marketing Strategy

There are a number of benefits to involving influencers in your marketing strategy:

1) You will get quality content for free


If you chose to use influencer marketing in devising your content marketing strategy, you will have access to high quality content from reputed influencers for free to use on your website, which, in turn, will generate better impressions and rankings in popular search engines. Moreover, sharing your posts and comments with influencers will enable you to receive feedback from them on how to better your strategy.

2) Influencers help in building brands


If influencers choose your site for publishing their content, it expresses their interest in you’re the products or services your business offers. If influencers are interested in checking out your website, their followers, who are your target audience, will definitely take an interest in what you have to offer too.

3) Expand your reach


This is another important benefit of involving influencers in your content marketing strategy. When you receive content from a vast number of influencers, each of whom have immense number of followers with whom to share their content, you will receive more visitors to your site as a result.

How to Integrate the Influencer Marketing into Your Content Marketing Strategy

To accelerate your content marketing efforts, you must learn how to integrate influencer marketing into your content strategy. There are four important points you should keep in your mind to receive the full potential influencer marketing can offer.

1) What type of Influencers you want to target

First decide what type of influencers have authority with your target customers and which of these influencers will be your target. You can also use an extensive keyword list for finding suitable influencers for your content marketing strategy. PR tools like Cision or social networking platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter are useful in searching for influencers. However, if you want to connect with bloggers exclusively, then you can use Google Blog Search as a valuable resource, as shown in the example:


2) Prioritize your influencers based on their impact value

When you have searched for suitable influencers for devising your content strategy, the next step is to prioritize them depending on their impact value on your target customers. Once you have set the priority of your influencers, you will have to find out new ways for developing relationships with them. The easiest way to do so is to engage them with your posts and updates and set up sporadic touch points with them.


You can do so by commenting on their posts, retweeting their content and following them on their social networking profiles.

3) Send them personalized e-mails

Once you have engaged your influencers with your retweets and comments, you can start sending them personalized e-mails to both let them know you are a long-time follower and introduce them to your business and its goals.


This is the time to share your best business pitch — you need to impress the influencer for them to want to work with you.

4) Make Influencers comfortable working with you

If you really want to engage your influencers successfully, then you must be easy to work with. Ask them to contribute to your eBooks, or offer to write a guest post for them. This will aid them in learning more about you and your business, which is necessary to create a successful partnership.

5) Send a thank email to your influencer

Once influencers have started contributing to your content promotions and eBooks, always send them a thank you. Your appreciation will encourage them to distribute your content to their audience.

Here is an example of a thank influencer email:


Influencer marketing, if integrated properly while developing your business’ content strategy, will give a major boost to your content marketing efforts. Remember, it is important to create trusted relationships with the right influencers to achieve success. The right influencers can play a pivotal role in helping your content receive maximum user engagement.

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