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Pebble Returns to Kickstarter With New Watch

That adage about dropping a pebble in a pond and watching the ripples grow and expand seems a great analogy for a new Smartwatch.

WatchfaceThat analogy works for two reasons: the company’s name is Pebble and since it first appeared three years ago on Kickstarter it’s only grown and, now, has returned to the crowdfunding site with a variation on its original product.

It was three years ago when Pebble first introduced its Smartwatch but has now revised the product for Pebble Time, an improved watch that can hold seven days of power in a single charge. The campaign to fund the new watch can already be called a success — despite 31 days remaining — with 32,000 backers pledging more than $6 million. The goal was $500,000.

“Pebble Time features a new color e-paper display and microphone for responding to notifications,” the product description explains. “No compromises on what you love about Pebble: up to 7 days of battery life, water resistance and customizability.”

The better aspect is the fact the Pebble Time watch is compatible with the 6,500 existing Pebble apps and watch faces.

The company redesigned the watch, too, so it’s a bit more comfortable than the original with a 20 percent thinner design and “its ergonomic, curved design fits comfortably on either wrist and slides easily under dress shirts.”

The watch’s simple three-button design allows users to check mail, send voice messages and, of course, check the time.

The new watch is expected to ship in May.

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