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Store Up to 50,000 Songs in the Cloud With Google Play Music

Google Play Music is upping its free storage limit to 50,000 songs — more than double the previous 20,000 limit.

The newly extended library enables you to not only store your music, but stream or download the songs to your phone, tablet, computer or Chromecast.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign in to Google Play Music– Go to your computer and visit Sign in with your Google account if needed.
  2. Claim your free storage– If you’d like to try our subscription service too, click “Get Started.” Otherwise, click “No Thanks” to continue with the free storage.
  3. Add your music collection– The setup process will guide you through adding our Chrome app, which provides seamless uploading. You can choose to simply upload your entire iTunes library or select other music folders.
  4. Access your music everywhere– You can stream or download music to your Android, iPhone or iPad for easy offline listening. It’s also all available on the web when you’re on your computer. And best of all, when you upgrade to a new computer or phone, your music comes along, too.

“Wondering what to do after you’ve stored all of your music safely online?” said Google Play Music product manager Andrew Stromme. “Test drive our music subscription serviceto listen to any song on demand and find expert curated radio stations for any mood, activity or time of day. Encore!”

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