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Google Wants Android in Workplaces

It may not sound too exciting but you can now take your work with you on your Android-supported device.

Andoid GraphicGoogle unveiled a number of applications Wednesday to encourage people to use their Smartphones or Android tablets as a work device. It’s a bid to make the Android for Work functions more appealing and Google’s hoping to take the idea beyond the workplace but also to retailers and restaurants.

“Put Android’s power, flexibility and choice to work for you—anytime, from anywhere with best-in-class productivity apps,” stated the Android website.

The page explains the program keeps work and personal apps separate so there’s a disassociation between play and professional. It works on Lollipop devices with a dedicated Work Profile with security, management and application support all built-in.

In an interview with Wired, Google’s executive in charge of Android and Chrome, Rajen Sheth, said taking Android into the work place seems a natural progression.

“We believe that Android is the right solution and the right platform to bring mobility at work to more people,” he said.

It’s a bid to not only bring the small green robot into an office setting but is also a shot at Apple in an attempt to have businesses move away from iPads and iPhones. Whether it’ll pay off is hard to say, but Google is obviously trying to elbow its way into the professional setting.

In fact, on the Android page, people are even being encouraged to discuss using Android with IT departments.

“Android for Work balances IT’s need for security with your needs for convenience and simplicity,” a paragraph on the page’s bottom reads. “To let your IT manager know that you want Android for Work, share a link to this site specifically for IT professionals.”

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  • Not surprising when you consider that ‘content is king’.
    Seems like just one more way to gather more information about people and businesses for free in return for ‘making life easier’.

    • I totally agree with you Frank. Any IT manager worth their salt, will have concerns over security issues – and there’s certainly a lot of “unanswered questions” in that regard when it comes to Google.

  • I like the idea but I have different profiles and it confuses my gmails and passwords. It’s hard to open the email or G+ or whatever Gooogle app I’m using because it mixes up my email and passwords.
    Everyone has to know by now that there is no privacy, no matter what anyone promises you. So, you either know they are taking your info or they are taking it behind your back. So, move on Google rocks!

  • Its very important turn to make a collective apps for work places too. As a professional everywhere the apps are leading we have to make all such apps which are very much useful to work places.

  • Nice and informative article and that quote is true that “taking Android into the work place seems a natural progression.”