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Google Introducing Ads on Google Play Store

Heading to the Google Play store may now result in some impulse purchases.

Play ads
An example of what the advertisements will look like on the Google Play store.

Google announced Thursday it’s beginning a pilot project enabling app developers to advertise on the store site. The advertisements won’t be random — that is, they’re not going to be like pop ups — but will only show up as part of search results.

“With more than 100 billion searches every month on, we’ve seen how search ads shown next to organic search results on can significantly improve content discovery for users and advertisers, both large and small,” explained a post on the Android developers blog site.

“Search ads on Google Play will enable developers to drive more awareness of their apps and provide consumers new ways to discover apps that they otherwise might have missed.”

The move, Tech Crunch argued, will enable smaller developers an opportunity to compete against larger companies and give their apps a better chance of being noticed by Google Play visitors.

Of course, there’s also the revenue it will generate for Google.

Advertisers can bid on ads that are linked to search queries. For example, someone searching for ‘food apps’ or ‘recipe apps’ will see the developer’s app on the top of the list that pops up from that search. Those apps, though, will be flagged so searchers know it is an advertisement and not necessarily the No. 1 app.

It sounds similar to what one may see at the top of their Google search page with the first few results being paid advertisements before the actual search results are exhibited.

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  • Yet another revenue stream for Google (and something else for app developers to worry about) – after all, how many “promoted apps” will be displayed before the organic list?