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March 2, 2015

Mozilla Bringing Firefox OS to United States

Verizon Signs on to Carry Low-End Operating System

The Firefox OS isn’t new but it is foreign to the United States, though that’s about to change.

Firefox OSMozilla announced Sunday it intends to expand beyond the 30 countries its operating system is currently available in which will include being made available in the U.S. sometime in 2016. Currently, the operating system is available on roughly 16 low-end Smartphones in more than two dozen countries.

An announcement was made by Mozilla at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona of the plan, including the fact Verizon Wireless will have phones using the operating system, reported Computer World.

The operating system has an old-school feature as its targeted toward phones that are much different than most of today’s Smartphones. In fact, Andreas Gal, chief technology officer at Mozilla told Computer World, the system is geared toward those who lean toward older styles of phones such as sliders and flip-phones.

“Development of feature phones has essentially stopped,” said Gal. “This project will bring a modern smartphone OS into this market.”

It’s not only the United States that Mozilla is expanding into, however, While the company has largely avoided bringing the operating system into developing countries the expansion will do just that with carriers in Japan, South Korea and Spain also jumping on board.

CNet reported a prior plan to penetrate the American market involved Sprint as a carrier but the company backed out just a few months after that initial announcement two years ago.

Gal told CNet there’s no intention to take on Android or iOS. Rather, the Firefox OS will be geared to those customers upgrading from feature phones who still want apps, fast mobile networks, and other modern features.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.