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March 5, 2015

Employee Engagement in 2015: What Employees Should Expect From Their Companies This Year

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A high-performance workplace is essential for companies that want to have a thriving businessThis yearthe focus is switched onto employees. Major corporations have finally realized that when workers are happy, they take great pleasure in the duties that they perform. When you like what you do and you enjoy the people around you at work, it doesn’t even feel that you’re working.Engagement doesn’t just keep your people happy; it also helps boost your company’s bottom line. What should employees expect from their companies this year?  

Better Communication

Communication is one of the key points of employee engagement strategies.Companies must allow members to express work-related views, opinions and feelings as openly as possibleWhen they have a sense of acknowledgment in place, their desire to do more is greatly enhanced. Furthermore, the values and goals of your company should be frequently reinstated. This way, your employees will have a clearer perspective of the purpose of their work.

CEOs should be willing to communicate with workers to gauge their attention and keep them interested. The more you talk with your people, the higher chances you have to motivate them and persuade them to keep working for you.As long as you show a genuine interest, they’ll feel appreciated.

The Great Importance of a Social Environment

Leaving aside traditional communication techniques, companies should upgrade relations at the workplace by creating an internal online platform. Cloud-based technology provides excellent discussion and recognition opportunities. It has been noticed that recognition shared with organizations through social networking devices result in higher satisfaction and involvement tendencies. Employees want to stay socially involved. They want to be part of a social environment and feel that superiors are paying attention to what they can achieve.

Challenges and Progress Opportunities

Assigning appropriate tasks according to individual abilities is extremely important for the efficiency of your organization. However, repeating the same routines over a long period of time can lead to detachment and indifference. You can easily avoid such scenarios by challenging employees to improve existingskills and making room for additional abilities. Moreover, providing growthopportunities at work will surely engage and stimulate your staff. Acknowledge a job well done, and don’t hesitate to praise the efforts of your workers. When people are appreciated, they feel valued and they’re eager to do more in order to exceed expectations.

Pleasant Work Environment

Organize partiesfriendly competitions, or social gatherings in your companyevery once in a while. Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or holidays willmake everyone relax a bit, and have a good time. This is an excellent way of showing your gratitude. Even seemingly redundant events such as Cupcake Wednesdays for example, can rejuvenate the atmosphere at the officeWhenemployees are happy they’re instantly more engaged – and we all know that engagement is directly linked to increasing productivity.

Ditch the Traditional Office Cubicle

Dull cubicles under fluorescent lights can’t boost employee engagement. The feeling of isolation and monotony causes apathy, and makes workers feel tired and boredAdopt a stimulating strategy, and choose to decorate the office in the most ingenious wayAdd a bit of originality with interesting art displays. Place photographs and pictures around the office, invest in ergonomic chairs, and install a few plants to bring in more oxygen. Provide collaborative settings, like shared desks, — stay as far away from cubicles as possible.

Measure Employee Engagement

Measuring engagement can be demanding, and yet it’s something you have to do if you want to keep your company’s productivity on the floating line.Organize focus groups, team meetings, as well as manager and employee meetings to keep workers engaged and motivated. Observe the overall ambiance at the workplace and address malfunctions properly. Implement strategies to boost people’s interest and perk up your business’ bottom line.

People are different, especially in the work communityYou are advised to reevaluate the efficiency of your strategies and adapt them to the unique workplace you’re managing. Flexibility and dedication are crucial in establishing a happy and productive environment. Change approaches until you find what works best for you and your people. Social studies show that engagement strategies result in better quality of the work that is being performedIn 2015, happy employees are fundamental for the success of an enterprise.


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