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March 6, 2015

Android, iOS Seeing Challengers for Operating Systems

Ubuntu, Sailfish Ready to Take Slice of Market

Ask most Smartphone users what operating system they’re running and, chances are, they’ll answer with either Android or iOS.


Canonical has launched the Ubuntu Phone.

However, they’re not the only games in town and, in particular, two companies are hoping to elbow their way into the fray.

Ubuntu Phone and Sailfish OS aren’t the only new operating systems on the market, but they have proven themselves as the two most interesting. Ubuntu Phone is dialing in from Canonical while Sailfish is Jolla’s new catch.

Ubuntu first appeared two years ago when the Linux-based platform was unveiled, reports Engadget. However, a failure to meet the $32-million crowdfunding target put plans behind and an expected rollout was delayed last year. That’s changed, though, as the Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition began selling in Europe.

While the operating system has been described as ‘clunky’ by some users, it is still having kinks worked out and could, in time, be a competitor.

Sailfish isn’t completely new with the first Smartphones using the system shipping back in 2013. Jolla itself was formed in 2011 by former Nokia employees, reported PC World, with their idea to be continuing the work started on the MeeGo operating system.

Regardless, the Sailfish system has now worked its way into tablets and, reportedly, is a smoother system than Ubuntu.

“Jolla is about offering a true alternative to the big players in the mobile industry. Our revolutionary Jolla smartphone, and the upcoming Jolla Tablet both run on the open and distinctive mobile operating system Sailfish OS, which was built on the heritage of MeeGo, an open source operating system formerly developed by Nokia among others,” the company’s site explains.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.