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Google Calendar Now Available for iPhones

Another Google feature has migrated to the iPhone as the popular Google Calendar became available as an app for iOS Tuesday.

Photo Credit: renjith krishnan via
Photo Credit: renjith krishnan via

While Google Calendar has been available on Android for a long time, Tuesday’s announcement, made via the Gmail blog, seemed to easily sum up the idea behind the app’s availability with the subtext heading of ‘it’s about time.’ The calendar, according to the brief post, will carry the same features on Apple products as it does on those using the Android operating system.

“Just like on Android, you’ll get the following features: Events from Gmail, which turn emails into Calendar events automatically; assists, which make suggestions that save you time creating events; schedule view, which makes your calendar easy to scan and lovely to look at,” the post explains.

As Mashable reported, having the Google calendar on an iPhone has been possible in the past because users could import it into the standard iPhone Calendar app but having its own app in the App Store and through iTunes means it’s a bit of a smoother transition.

However, iPad users shouldn’t rejoice just yet as it appears it is only iPhone users who can get the new app.

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