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Why is a Quality Logo Design Important for Your Business?

Your logo design tells a lot about what your business does and what you stand for. It is the first thing your customers see and the last thing they may remember.

We all tend to remember logos, but often forget business names. Why is that?

It’s because our human brains are much better at processing visuals than processing plain text. Let’s look at three reasons why a good logo design is important for your business.

1. Your logo design dictates your branding

Your logo is the most important component of your brand. It guides the direction you take with your brand and influences your design, marketing and sales material. This poses a sticky situation if you just picked a random logo without giving it much thought. You can’t build a brand with a poor logo and you can’t grow your business with a poor brand.

Consider your logo as part of your bigger brand strategy

When you are growing your business, creating a strong brand is essential to attracting a specific type of customer and helping those customers differentiate you from your competitors. For example, take a look at the work we did for Quadrant, a business service company in Brisbane.


The logo is fun, efficient and colorful. This represents what the Quadrant team is all about. By communicating this with a quality logo design, we’re able to show customers what Quadrant stands for and what makes the company different from competitors. The logo is also the centrepiece that guides their other marketing material and encourages consistency.

Imagine if we designed a boring logo for Quadrant. All of its marketing material would then be boring and plain. No one wants that.

2. Your logo is what customers remember

Nike, McDonalds and Twitter all have instantly-recognizable logos. When you see the swoosh, the golden arches or the blue bird, you know exactly which company that is and what it represents.

A boring logo is hard for your customers to remember. Awareness and familiarly are keys to growing a business and if your customers cannot remember your logo, you’ll struggle to build awareness and drive referrals.

How to create a logo that is memorable

Your business name with a circle around it doesn’t qualify as a memorable logo. To create a memorable logo, you should use either a logomark (think of Apple) or logotype (think of IBM).



A logomark is a symbol that represents your company. It’s unique to your company, so when customers see it, they instantly think of you. A logotype is your company name designed in a visually-unique way. IBM’s logo with blue stripes is a great example of using a logotype to create something that is memorable.

My favorite example of a memorable logo is Twitter’s blue bird. Even when Twitter was a young company and hadn’t hit the mainstream media, whenever you saw the blue bird you instantly thought of Twitter. Whether it was next to a blog post or on a TV screen, you knew the logo represented Twitter.

Twitter built its business based on people sharing content and communicating through their service. The company wouldn’t have grown so fast if it had a dull logo that wasn’t memorable.

3. Your logo conveys a brand purpose

What is your purpose? Why are you in business? These are the questions that need to be communicated through your logo. A great logo represents what a brand stands for.

This is important because your customers want to know why you’re in business. They want to be doing business with companies that share similar values. A great example of a logo that conveys a brand purpose is Starbucks. The Starbucks experience is so much more than coffee. They want to “inspire and nurture the human spirit.”

They do this by creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome. You walk into a Starbucks and feel welcome to stay as long as you want and meet up with friends in a comfortable environment.

This purpose is communicated directly through its logo. They use a calming green that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. The color is commonly associated with harmony and nature.

Your logo may be the only thing customers see

Your logo represents your brand, your business and your products. It is likely the first (or only) thing your customers see about our business, which means you need to make it count.

If you want to position your company in a certain way, make sure you communicate this through your logo.

Quadrant uses their logo to communicate their fun and efficient approach to business. Twitter uses a stunning logo to be memorable. Starbucks uses their logo to communicate their brand purpose.

What will you communicate through your logo?

If you haven’t given your logo much thought or you know yours doesn’t align well with your brand, then I challenge you to consider designing a new one.

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Simon Dell

Simon Dell is a former agency owner and managing director, and is now a freelance consultant under his own brand His goal is to help develop and implement strategic digital and creative marketing plans for clients delivering measurable results and fantastic ROI. He also writes for Fairfax Media, MYOB's business portal and frequently speaks at events and conferences around Australia.


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  • A good simple summation as to the benefits a powerful brand identity can bring to a business. Thanks Simon!

    I have to say though, that the idea behind the first Quadrant logo is far more distinctive and memorable that the AFTER version. In spite of the use of a continuous tone in the Q (which really busies up the design), the visual play on the QUADRANT idea is communicated quite powerfully, and correlates beautifully with their name. It’s a simple solution – but far more memorable than the AFTER version. Sorry.

    Another note, when Apple, Nike, and McDonalds all introduced themselves, for YEARS the kept their business name in proximity to their symbol (or Logomark). This is a given for any company desiring to build it’s visual brand. Those companies longing to have their symbols stand without their name must invest significantly in their respective markets to build such recognition.

    All in all an excellent read and I appreciate any ink being published which helps wake-up a world of business people who have yet to realize the power of a well-designed, successful brand identity.

  • Logo is absolutely the crust for your business. It develops your brand identity and enhance your corporate image in business world.

  • Logo is the face and representative of your business, this why it should be clean, clear, and professional. Multinational companies invest millions to design just a logo because they know the importance of that.

  • Nice Work! A logo is to a business as your face is to you. It reflects your personality, or in case of your business, your values and principles and also the most powerful marketing tool known.