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March 13, 2015

eCommerce Versus Bricks and Mortar

Running a successful business and building a viable brand is no longer limited to traditional brick and mortar shops and setups. Whether you own an existing company or if you are looking to launch a startup of your own, understanding the benefits and differences between eCommerce stores and brick and mortar shops can help to point you in the right direction throughout your journey to entrepreneurship.

Brick and Mortar Shops Vs. eCommerce Platforms

Opening a brick and mortar shop is a way for you to easily reach more locals, giving you access to new clients and potential customers within the city or vicinity you are living in. Having a successful brick and mortar shop leads to return visitors and referrals from loyal customers, giving you the satisfaction that you are truly making those who are genuinely interested in your products and services happy. Brick and mortar shops are ideal if you already have an avid following and have returning customers who prefer shopping for the type of goods and services you have to offer in store themselves.

When you choose to launch an eCommerce store to showcase your goods and products, it is possible to do so regardless of your location. Launching an eCommerce shop gives you the ability to appeal to a wider audience while having the option of shipping your items that you have within your inventory around the globe.

Additionally, eCommerce platforms today can easily integrate sales tax while keeping digital and downloadable records available for all clients and customers who register and purchase through your site’s shopping portal.

Dropshipping Abilities

Choosing to launch an eCommerce store and platform gives you, as an entrepreneur, the ability to participate in drop shipping services. Rather than hosting all of the inventory you want to sell to potential customers and clients it is now possible to do so with a professional service. Technology has had a significant impact on modern warehouse automation processes and their shipping capabilities. Conveyor belts now have very accurate machines that measure, weigh, print and apply labels, and do basically everything but stock the truck. Checkweigher systems allow eCommerce businesses to do more with less, and much faster than before.

Accessibility and Various Purchasing Methods

Although brick and mortar shops are appealing to locals and help to draw attention to those who are living in your city or state, they are less likely to receive national or even international promotion without the proper website and marketing campaigns in place.

Most online eCommerce platforms, themes and layouts are now mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Using a mobile-friendly eCommerce website gives your users the ability to make purchases on tablets and mobile phones with Smartphone technology.

Cost-Effective Methods of Running a Business

Running a business requires an investment for inventory, management and even to ensure the marketing and advertising of a brand. When you are low on cash or if you are seeking new methods of expanding your company without much overhead, an eCommerce setup is often the ideal solution. Increasing your company’s sales with an eCommerce platform allows you to keep inventory in a drop shipping center without having to pre-order to ensure you have enough in stock at all times. Additionally, because brick and mortar shops require upkeep and management with the building itself, using an eCommerce store helps to eliminate unnecessary expenses, especially when you are launching a brand new business or shop yourself.

Advertising and marketing can quickly become expensive, regardless of the method you choose to promote your business and brand. With an eCommerce setup and social media integration it is possible to reach hundreds of thousands of users who are potentially interested in your brand simultaneously. Utilizing social media and direct marketing strategies, in conjunction with an eCommerce store is a way for you to stay updated with the current trends in any market or niche.

Understanding the value of brick and mortar stores as well as new and technical eCommerce shops gives you more insight to reach any intended audience or demographic you have in mind. Whether you are new to business or simply want to expand your reach, it is important to understand what each type of shop setup works best for you and the products or services you have to offer.


David Glenn is a technology fanatic and business enthusiast who loves to keep up with the advancements in each. When he writes, he draws from his experience of more than 30 years as a business owner and entrepreneur.