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March 16, 2015

Twitter Limits Meerkat, Announces Purchase of Periscope

Live Video Streaming Apps a Hot Commodity

Livestreaming video became a hot commodity late last week when it comes to Twitter feeds.Weil tweet

In an interesting set of moves, Twitter announced Friday it was limiting access to its feeds for the livestreaming app Meerkat while, in almost the same breath, revealing it had purchased Periscope, a small livestreaming video developer.

The news created some weekend buzz with Twitter product vice-president Kevin Weil tweeting: “Excited to officially welcome @periscopeco to the Twitter team. Can’t wait for everyone to see what they’ve built!” Friday morning.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to Buzz Feed that Meerkat had been cut off from posting to Twitter feeds.

“We are limiting their access to Twitter’s social graph, consistent with our internal policy,” the spokesperson said. “Their users will still be able to distribute videos on Twitter and log in with their Twitter credentials.”

The change, CNet reports, is not expected to put Meerkat underground but it will impact its exposure. What it will do is restrict the notifications received and sent when the app users are streaming videos live.

Expect, then, to see the number of Periscope users to increase in coming months as Twitter users are asked to embrace the product.

Meerkat, though, did not seem put off by the move and, instead, took the news as a chance to promote itself and prove it has grown in popularity.

“Twitter’s move here shows how significant Meerkat has become,” tweeted Meerkat co-founder Ben Rubin.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.